Alarm somfy. A well protected home

Alarm A well-protected home

Bumps are a problem that affects all types of homes and apartments, often in the middle of the day. By investing in an efficient wireless alarm system you will have the upper hand to avoid unpleasant surprises as alarms prevent 95% of burglars.


Wireless last generation alarm system

With over 10 years of experience in wireless alarm systems, Somfy is developing proven and tested security solutions that incorporate the latest technological innovations.

High-tech protection ...

• Self-protection (notification in case of a problem) and 100% independent system (even in the event of a power failure).

• Double-secured radio frequency with feedback for boot confirmation on the keyboard and remote.

• GSM Transmitter (if the line is also cut to receive smartphone notifications)

• Remote home surveillance with external IP cameras

• Signaling for household events through smoke, water leakage or main disconnect sensors

Personalized, scalable protection

To keep your head calm!

• 100% wireless alarm:

Somfy systems are installed without any construction. Each element has already been configured in the factory and is ready for installation.

• Adjustable:

For a small apartment or big house, with or without garden ... Somfy alarms fit into all configurations and meet all requirements with more than 50 connectable items.

• Scalability:

New items can be added to your system at any time, such as surveillance cameras or image motion detectors.

Remote access when you are away

• You can operate your alarm remotely using a computer or smartphone via a secure internet connection.

• If you leave for the weekend and can not remember if you activated the alarm ... You can quickly and easily check your smartphone! And you can even access the cameras in your home.

Innovation, services, guarantee ...

Not just a wireless alarm system!

Embedded Intelligence

The home automation alarm adds a touch of intelligence to your home! Combine the alarm with shutters, lighting or smoke detector ...

Once the first piece of equipment is installed, everything can change.

The best thing technology can offer

- Somfy products are equipped with the latest technology: io-homecontrol®.

• - These devices are even safer with reliable radio technology.

• - Send you information so you can control what's going on without having to move.

• - They are used by larger homeowners for maximum compatibility.

The warranty you have from an international company

• - The products are designed in France at a Research and Development Center which is a pioneer in innovation.

• - The products have been tested and tested and meet the most stringent criteria to guarantee quality, performance and life expectancy.

• - They meet the strictest market security standards.