How to Choose the Color of Your Frames? Now it's up to you!

How to Choose the Color of Your Frames and Window Shutters

Oxidation leaves fewer color choices for aluminum frames: to be honest, there are a few nuances that really work.

However, good results can be obtained, such as the titanium effect, which in turn can be opaque, brushed, chemical or shiny.

It is similar to steel, as is painting, and is often an architectural choice.

I haven't told you yet, but painting can be done in all shades of color, as the Ral series has a lot of potential.

varied frame colors in the Ral series

This is a German RAL color range, where there are all shades of rainbow and maybe even a little more in infinite color combinations!

Finishes and colors with stainless steel styles

As we have seen in previous paragraphs, with aluminum, wood and iron, it is possible to obtain various and varied frame colors in the Ral series.

If this was not enough, it is also possible to obtain customized colors according to the specific needs of each construction.

But now I want to talk to you about a specific case, such as that of coloring in inox type colors.

Steel can be painted with iron, in this case, the paint looks like aluminum.

Or it could be stainless steel, the most indestructible material we have in nature after diamond.

Stainless steel frames have their own distinctive color and can have a brushed effect in additional options.

 In this case, they belong to the family of colors with matte finishes.

Or they may be frames in polished stainless steel, therefore they have a mirror effect.

You recognize them because it is enough to touch them with one finger to leave the prints!

They are a bit hated by all those involved in cleaning because of the difficulty of cleaning.

 How to choose the color of the windows?

But let's get to the heart of the matter: how to choose the color of the windows? And what are the trends?

For the more traditional - those who never want to make mistakes the colors of sure choice - it is better to choose white, opaque white or light gray.

These are window colors that can be adapted to any context.

They wear a bit like colors and for this reason they are highly valued and are also very bright in every choice of combination with the other objects in the house.

In addition, we have used many black, matte black and oxidized black frames in some important villas.

It is a color that many have chosen.

Black is more resistant to oxidation than its original dye.

In terms of prices, in general a varnished and oxidized finish of standard finishes and standard colors have the same cost.

The result of oxidized steel or titanium, however, costs more and ranges from about 15 to 25% more than white.

Paint coatings that capture wood and these colors for aluminum frames

Finally, I want to tell you one last thing about these colors.

With custom coloring, it is also possible to obtain the effect of wood in frames made of other materials such as aluminum profiles.

I don't like it very much, because it imitates a sentence that doesn't exist: the unfortunate metal can't be wood.

So I recommend this: if you like wood, get a synthetic window frame.

If you like metal, get a metal frame.

But realizing the wood effect in a metal frame is not nice to see!

It's my opinion alone!

However, there is also the view that sometimes in some historic centers, specifically in spaces or buildings, I found myself in need of adapting the frames to those of the existing facade, with a shade of wood.

If I assume and make an attic where shutters, shutters and frames on the facade are oak and I want to install aluminum or wooden aluminum frames, I am almost forced to do a wooden result, choosing embossed frames such as pvc, unless I do all wooden frames.

But the rolls, in what material will we make them?

But we know that wooden frames over time require maintenance.

These are the indications to find out what types of paints can be made with different materials.

Now it's up to you!

You need to match the colors of the frames with the interior walls, exterior walls, furniture, footprint and style, based on the brightness you want to have.

And why not; It is important that you like the color!

Hello again in the next article!

One of the first things we do when we renovate the house, the office, or we make an initial purchase of frames in a newly built building, we must decide from the beginning the design, typology, and color of the frames, at the same time it is to choose the style of the frames and the accessories that surround them.

We decide in cooperation with our decorator or ourselves, more must be the color of the walls, the floor material, the furniture, the tiles and all but the color of the frames.

design, typology, and color of the frames

Lastly, we spend a little time on the finishes and the choice of window and door hardware, windows, shutters, doors, and shutters.

All these choices are made taking into account our tastes that will coincide with yours for a perfect result and an impeccable harmony of window frames and space.

We need a home that reflects our way of life at all times and makes us feel comfortable and beautiful.

In a sense, the places we live say something about us.

That's why we have to carefully select all the frames, accessories, even the color of the knobs and the other accessories that accompany the right frame.

How do you decide to choose the color of the frames?

To understand just how to choose the color of the frames and accessories, it is useful to adopt a guide instrument, such as the RAL color scheme and paint, wood, metal, and all colors available, or STYLETECH.

It is a table showing the color scale for paints and coatings, including metals used for making windows, doors, shutters, and shutters.

The color scale in each sample ranges from beige to red, from amaranth to blue ultramarine, and in many other colors for aluminum paints.

Do not miss the shades of green and gray to different types of black and white with a wide variety of Etem, Rehau, Europa, Alouminco, Aloumil, Kbe, Aluplast, exalco.

All colors in our catalogs are associated, together with the palette and the name, with the RAL, sable, raff, inox code, that is an identification code for the correct color determination that we want to choose in our frames.

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