hermo - System that allows energy savings of 15% to 38%

STYLETECH offers its customers innovative solutions

STYLETECH offers its customers innovative solutions for the installation of window frames

Offering innovative solutions and placements that guarantee energy savings.

εξοικονόμηση ενέργειας κατά 15% έως 38%

STYLETECH offers its customers innovative, energy-efficient solutions based on the Thermo - System that allows energy savings of 15% to 38% on the electricity bill.

With the non-invasive method, the company can isolate old frames, reducing both heating and cooling costs without breaking the walls, or dirty the home thanks to the extra power of its system, a pioneering box protected by thermal and acoustic panels, sold exclusively to STYLETECH and by cooperating companies such as Etem, Rehau, Europa.

Tell us your needs and we will send you responsibly with our solutions designed for you and a clear cost, with no obligation to purchase, and always to each of our customers separately.

Sale and installation of aluminum and synthetic PVC frames, with high thermal performance in Athens and beyond.

Innovative and dynamic, STYLETECH is an ATHENS company specializing in the supply of aluminum and composite PVC frames that guarantee customers better thermal performance thanks to the innovative thermal plus method, of which it is a certified installer of Etem, Rehau, Europa.

Thanks to the owner's skills and the continuous technical briefing of his business team, the company has become a reference point in the area of ​​Athens for the reliability of its services and for the fitting of door and door fittings which, besides the ability to offer a certified 10-year warranty , improve the comfort of rooms and other spaces, because they allow the elimination of both condensate and thermal bridges forever, in any aluminum or synthetic PVC enclosure.

These frames were selected based on the climatic zone based on the thermal performance map.

STYLETECH can determine the exact climatic values ​​of each area in which it has to install its aluminum or synthetic PVC frames.

In this way, STYLETECH and its customers will be able to rely on the effectiveness of selected doors and windows based on the climate of the area in which they reside, with the corresponding results.

Aluminum and synthetic PVC products that are on the company list include:

aluminum and PVC frames with thermal coefficient up to 0,78 Uw,

shutter system, armored doors, security gates, armored windows, PVC shutters, blinds, aluminum shutters, mosquito nets, double, triple, quadruple glazing in the g-panel, double glazing with armored and waterproof glass and many more.

STYLETECH offers additional professional services such as:

Iron insurance of any kind, wooden frames, aluminum color treatment, iron and aluminum processing in special constructions, insulation, sealing, replacement of the European cylinder.