Clear windows in 5 minutes


In order to be able to admire your frames for many years, the following must be observed regarding the cleanliness and proper use and maintenance of the frames:

The aluminum frames we have delivered to you are built according to the most modern methods of construction, have very high durability and weather conditions, and are accompanied by a guarantee of good operation.
With proper use, maintenance and cleaning, you can make a great contribution to both their good operation and impeccable appearance.

Some basic rules of proper maintenance and cleaning are:
cleaning windows frame in alouminioum and pvc

1. - The frame should be opened and closed using the spatula in the correct positions, as indicated by the installer. In the case where the frame has a retraction mechanism, the above procedure must be followed in a very meticulous manner, otherwise the retraction mechanism may be blocked and the frame closed. It is very important to clean the sliding door drivers well and remove any hard trash from the driver's canals.

2.We frequently clean the windows with soft cloth and neutral cleaning liquids (light detergent).

3. - NEVER use acid, solvents or other strong cleaning fluids.

4. - DO NOT WRAP the frames with sandpaper, wires, metal brushes, metal tools (eg spatulas, blades) or other materials that scratch because they damage the surface and the appearance of the frame.

5. - Any residual silicone residue left in some places with cotton and blue alcohol.

6. - Aluminum window frames are designed to receive and eliminate rainwater through water drain sinks.
This does not mean that they have the ability to expel quantities of water falling over them with great pressure, such as when we pour water at the pressure of the watering hose. It is recommended to avoid this cleaning method.

7. - If your home is near the sea or in industrial areas with severe pollution, we have arranged to process your profiles with special protection. It is necessary, however, to maintain the door frames in your turn.
That is, to wash them frequently (every 15 days approximately) to remove the salt of the sea and the industrial pollutants that flood them. So their gloss and color will remain unchanged for a long time.

8. - Rubber casings must be replaced every 8-10 years.

9. - Rolls that operate with an electrical mechanism must be operated as indicated by the installer.
If the electrical device is blocked, call the service and in no case intervene on your own because there is a risk of more serious damage and accidents.

10. - Hinges - recall mechanisms: a periodic hinging of the hinges and recall mechanisms, will ensure longer life and good functionality.
service windows frame in alouminioum and pvc
For the proper functionality of the frames, it is necessary to examine the good condition of the accessories of the frames (brushes, locks etc.) once in a year, both visually and in operation. To intervene when needed (eg tightening a screw that has been unlocked, etc.).

11. - Sealing rubber seals should be cleaned by using neutral detergents, if necessary, with cold or lukewarm water. It is better not to use chemicals that we are not able to know if their chemical composition is compatible with the material from which the rubber is made

12. - Surfaces in which there are deposits (formed of crust) that do not leave, the products that are specially traded for this purpose must be used. External window frames are best cleaned when "cold" is preferable, avoiding the hours of the day the sun hits them.

13. - Detergents to be used for cleaning must also be "cold" and should never be used, vacuum cleaners.