CE certification

The purpose of STYLETECH.sa is through this process to help Greeks and not only customers in the market of frames, to substantially upgrade the quality of products upon receipt, as well as to make them compliant with CE requirements. mandatory from 01-02-2010 in all countries of the European Union.

Our company, after painstaking and systematic efforts, has managed to make the cost of the whole process extremely affordable for every Greek customer.
The CE system covers all types of frames such as open-reclining, sliding, circular, trapezoidal, heavy-duty sliding, folding, skylights, combinations as well as exterior doors.
To be able to obtain CE for your products you should contact our company and let us know all the details of the process and the relevant aluminum, pvc product and more.
The whole process, the technical manual as well as the various forms to be kept are in Greek which makes the whole process very easy and comfortable and at the same time it upgrades the production process of the manufacture of aluminum frames and synthetic U-pvc.