Everything you need to know before choosing frames

The "Home Savings II" program

was designed in the continuation of the "Home Savings" program for the 2007-2013 programming period, which resulted in the energy upgrade of more than sixty thousand homes.

Home Savings II program

Everything you need to know before choosing frames.

Energy-saving doors and windows: advantages

Minimizing the heating and cooling costs of homes today is a crucial step for all home-conscious homeowners by choosing energy-efficient windows and doors.

These are an obstacle to heat-to-cold transmission, so that the house stays warm in the winter and protects it from heat in the summer to reduce the cost of heating and air conditioning.

Cost reduction and how we do it

When you consume less energy to heat and cool your home, this translates into cost savings.

The Greek state is now also offering significant tax credit for modernizing energy-saving doors and windows, in good news for your family budget.

A more comfortable home: and energy-efficient glazing reduces heat loss through windows and results in less current and cold spots.

Thermal insulation

The well-being and comfort of life are enhanced by the reduced heat exchange between the interior and exterior of the home, the solution of condensation problems and the formation of mold.


A notable advantage of highly insulating and energy-efficient windows is their inherent ability to soundproof, which in stunning terms seals outdoor conditions, environmental noise, road traffic, especially in modern communities where houses are often built close to one another.

Reduced maintenance

As energy saving windows reduce energy transfer to a minimum, the likelihood of condensate buildup is greatly reduced.

This results in a lower risk of mold and a more pleasant environment for those with asthma.

In addition, UV-resistant coating virtually eliminates water stains and dirt build-up from the outside, so you don't have to waste time cleaning with glass sponges!

Improving the performance of windows or doors at home requires of course careful design, functional selection and ultimately installation by professionals

Evaluation of energy efficiency

Greek law provides tax incentives to replace energy-efficient windows. The prerequisite for using the special frame is that the thermal permeability U requirements are met, the U coefficient is the heat loss rate of a building. Uw factor ratings for windows are generally between 0.20 and 2.0.

The lower the U value, the higher the resistance of a window to the heat flow and the better its insulating value, expressed in W / m2K (transmission requirements set by the Decree of the Minister of Economic Development of March 8, 2008, as amended by decree of 22 January 2010).

How do energy-efficient windows work?

Double glazed windows have two glass panes with an intermediate space, usually about 16 mm, to create a heat-insulating barrier.

This is sometimes full of gas.

Triple glazing windows have three glass panes, but they are not always better than double glazing windows.

To select the most energy efficient window, look for the STYLETECH sorting.

Four factors to keep in mind when choosing power saving windows:

Profile, carpet, drawing, installation

The right frame

The energy efficiency of a window depends on all its components.

Window frames generate heat, contributing to the overall energy efficiency of a window, especially the U factor.

Most people know that a wood structure is less prone to heat and cold transfer than an aluminum structure, as metals are much easier to heat than wood.

But that does not mean that wood is always the best choice for an easy to use window. There are various materials available for windows and each has its positive and negative aspects while evaluating the aesthetic need. These are the types:

Vinyl synthetic pvc

Vinyl window frames are generally made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with ultraviolet (UV) light stabilizers to prevent the material from being distorted by sunlight.

Vinyls (pvcs) do not need paint and have good moisture resistance.

The hollow voids (chambers) of the vinyl frames (pvc) can be filled with insulating material, which makes them thermally superior to the wooden frames.

It's a cheap material, but not for that reason it has to be defined as "economical".

A well-crafted and well-placed vinyl window can be a practical and at the same time a perfect choice.

Here are the main features of PVC windows and doors, important aspects for a home where comfort and convenience are perfectly combined.

PVC Strength

The acronym PVC recognizes vinyl chloride polymer, which is a thermoplastic material from natural raw materials, widely used in the plastics sector, due to its high strength and high flexibility in use.

Specifically, with regard to the resistance of the windows and PVC doors offered by STYLETECH, the customer is sure to purchase a long lasting profile from high quality components.

The material undergoes various processes through advanced heat welding tools and technologies that integrate the elements permanently, creating completely waterproof and secure joints.

Duration in pvc time

In order to promote durability and to increase even more the resistance of components and fixed or sliding windows to pvc, STYLETECH has decided to include metal reinforcement in the structure.

Acoustic pvc insulation

The best pvc windows have many other features: for the window and door area, in fact, pvc is ideal for sound insulation as it reduces the amount of any external sound or noise, making the home enjoyable and quiet.

For this reason, PVC windows offered in Greece, (and not only) by STYLETECH, are recommended in particularly noisy areas, especially in the city and on the busiest streets, where dignity is always a hot topic.

Pvc thermal insulation

Frames made from this material and integrated into 6 and 9 chamber air systems are also perfect thermal insulators, a key feature leading to the replacement of old windows to increase the energy saving of the building.

The effectiveness of pvc windows and sliding doors is, in fact, defended by both the summer heat and the severe cold of the winter, ensuring the consumption of heating and air conditioning throughout the year, contributing significantly to cost savings. that is in the account.

Estimates show that more than 30% of energy costs are used for space heating and therefore PVC windows that can be purchased just outside Athens are designed to reduce these costs.


STYLETECH and the REHAU Group are constantly striving to deliver environmentally friendly products that promote the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

Eco-sustainability is a key value for us: together we can make a difference!


Even though they require more maintenance than other frames, the wooden windows offer the best insulation from aluminum, not always synthetic. It may not be the best choice for extremely humid or rainy weather due to possible wear.

A well-made wooden window will be less time-consuming anyway: many original wooden windows in older homes are not in good condition, more can be maintained due to the high quality of cut and types of wood used.

The wooden frames are relatively well insulated but suffer from weather conditions.


Although very durable, lightweight and almost maintenance free, metal or aluminum frames produce heat very quickly, which makes the metal a very poor insulating material.

 To reduce the heat flow and the U factor, the metal panels must have a thermal profile: a strip of insulating plastic placed between the inner and outer panels and the door.

Aluminum windows are practical in rainy and humid climates.

Thanks to their durability, they comply with stringent construction codes along the coast and in weather-prone areas.


Glass technologies have become very sophisticated and designers often choose different types of glass for different windows, depending on orientation, climate, home design, buildings, etc.

In addition to choosing a frame type, it is essential to consider what type of glass or double glazing will be used to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

You can also choose different types of glass for different windows. Insulating glass refers to windows with two or more sheets of glass.

To insulate the window, the glass plates are spaced apart and sealed tightly, leaving an insulating air space.


When renovating or building a new home, it is recommended that you take advantage of integrating window design and selection as an integral part of the project.

When choosing energy-efficient windows, it is important to first consider energy performance ratings in relation to your home design, exposure and style, and most importantly, window orientation.

Before choosing new windows for your home, determine which types of windows will work best and in which areas will improve the energy efficiency of your home.

An expert STYLETECH consultant will always inform you properly.

Proper installation

We must not overlook the importance of proper installation.

Even the most expensive window will not work properly if it is not installed properly.

The best option is pre-installation waterproofing, which is often completed long before the windows are installed, but if not carefully detailed, the resulting water leaks will cause problems that could easily be avoided.

Even the most energy efficient window needs to be installed correctly to ensure energy efficiency.

Window installation varies depending on the type of window, the construction of the house (wood, masonry, etc.), the exterior lining (wood paneling, gypsum board, bricks, etc.) and the type (if any) of a restrictive climate barrier.

Windows must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations and must be well sealed in the air during installation to function properly.

The doors

The doors do not provide additional insulation, leaving the home vulnerable to energy loss through the front door.

This advice is especially important when the front door is older.

In this case, a door with high resistance to wind pressure, watertightness and air permeability will protect the front door and eliminate the need to replace it.

If your home is older, it is likely that the exterior doors have not been replaced for some time.

The latest STYLETECH door models are designed to better fit the space and therefore provide more home insulation. Make sure you choose a new energy efficient door that fits the climate you live in and design your home to maximize energy savings.

High efficiency doors

Like any other part of the home, the doors can be insulated and resistant to current to prevent heat escaping.

According to STYLETECH construction standards, the installation of a new door requires the approval of the design concerned, and the new exterior doors generally have a complete insulation to reduce heat loss and comply with regulations.

Energy efficient doors

As with any other part of the house, the doors can be insulated and resistant to current to prevent heat escaping.

A new properly adapted exterior door should include an effective integral drafting plan.

Existing doors can be improved by placing non-return strips around boxes and mailboxes.

The installation of energy doors and windows by STYLETECH will save the family around 880 € per year.

Energy-saving windows and doors are not just a nuisance and an expense:

is an investment in the future comfort and maintenance of the entire home.

With over 36 years of experience and modern window frames technology, we produce high quality products that create value for our customers while reducing costs.

The flexible structure of our company, combined with the know-how of our employees and associates, guarantee the consistent quality and technical edge of our entire line.

Our product range includes many variations, details and links for different regional requirements throughout Greece and abroad.

The windows and doors manufactured by STYLETECH have been tested in the ift system, and are RAL CE quality assured, and have been proven over 10 million times in practice.

A company, numerous properties, international standards always with the latest in the industry.

We can provide everything from an idea, from advice and construction, to installation.

Our products guarantee high quality of life, economy, energy efficiency and sustainability.

Trust us and get to know STYLETECH, quality door windows separately for you!

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