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Are you ready to replace your windows and have you heard of the tax deduction?

Here you will find all the answers to your questions about the 2020 Energy Upgrade Discount.

You will discover the concept of tax deduction, the procedure and the obligations to use it.
I will talk about the bonus for the 2020 window in depth and explain which documents you will complete and send to the committee responsible.
The article is quite long and very detailed and therefore you will find an index of topics that will help you navigate to the section you are interested in without having to read everything.
Make yourself comfortable, let's get started!
What are the popular jobs in interior renovation of a home?
Decomposition for space rearrangement (wall demolition, dismantling of old cabinets, etc.)
Replacement of aluminum, synthetic (pvc), wood frames
Placing rolls, mosquito nets, railings, glass
Replacement doors with security doors
Security and automation systems
Installing room partitions
Manufacture of kitchen and interior cabinets
Wallpaper on walls - surfaces
Insulation work (thermal insulation, waterproofing or sound insulation)
Change or repair the floor
Installation or replacement of heating systems
Maintenance - repair of plumbing
Change of lighting - electrical installation repairs
Carpentry fixtures and constructions (cabinets - shelves)

Are we also undertaking the renovation of homes rented on Airbnb?
Yes! Although you are considering renting your own home through Airbnb, and a great idea to attract interest, it is immediately to make a refurbishment for aesthetic and energy upgrades.
Our workshops exclusively undertake apartment renovation and house renovation for Airbnb, offering excellent solutions, design and always at affordable cost.
What is the average and approximate cost of a home renovation?
For a home renovation, the cost starts at around 50 € / m2, with materials and labor.
Of course, the price also depends on the kind of work you need and the quality of materials you will use along with the difficulties of each home.
If you also want to get specialized offers by genre, especially for your case, just fill out our form very easily and for free!
A simple renovation package of 5,200 €.
The package includes:
By placing the following
1 full kitchen (8 running meters)
1 closet (5sqm)
2 Balcony Doors with Roll (1220mm X 2280mm)
1 kitchen door (920mm x 2120mm)
1 kitchen window (1000mm X 1150mm)
1 Screens Bathroom Window (550mm X 650mm)
1 shielded door (1000mm x 2200mm)
Detailed products offered:
• Pentathalamic profile 70 mm thick
• Specific heavy duty reinforcing iron (based on specifications that provide high rigidity
• Smooth new design surfaces, with no pores
• Perimeter of new technology waterproofing hoses on the outside of the frame and on the inside of the sheet
• ROTO's perimeter multiple locking mechanism.
• Double glazing 4-16-4
• PVC roll with polyurethane foil and belt drive
The other option
· 54 mm leaf width
· Full waterproofing is ensured by special water drainage systems in all profiles
· Installation of a frame using a press and waterproofing
· Three EPDM seals
· A specially designed plug ensures water runoff even in strong winds
· Aluminum roll with polyurethane foil and belt drive.
· Double glazing 4-12-4
· White color
Offer renovation package with kitchen and wardrobe
Our Offer Price includes:
All 05/04 design cabinets with the following particulars:
Drawers 45 to 4 drawers (without brakes)
spoon fork case 45 and plate 90
All doors open
All hanging over 72 cm high
No obvious side
Inox handles
15cm aluminum pvc rope
4cm backlit bench in color and texture of your choice
Oven boxes and recessed metope
Includes Placement & Transportation within Athens
Wardrobe 190 * 260
With 4 open sheets
1.8 color white canvas
Shelf thickness 2.5 cm
Drawers 90 with 3 drawers
4 shelves 90 with two hoses
Includes Placement & Transportation within Athens
Offer conditions: close up.

Also, in the cost estimating tool below, you can make a rough first estimate of the total cost of renovating a home, depending on the type and number of tasks you plan to perform.
Styletech's main activities include apartment renovations, home construction, exterior renovations, business and hotel renovations, and with the confidence and taste of many years of experience in construction.
Aluminum windows, synthetic (pvc), wooden, interior doors, shielded doors, aluminum shutters, insulation, kitchens, wardrobes, electrical, plumbing, laminate floors, tiles, solar water heaters, facades ..