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types of railings

energy window aaa class

panel door pvc

αερισμός κουφωμάτων

lift and slide


geneo rehau 86mm

door entrance rehau

rehau total plus 70mm

synego rehau 80mm

shuter rehau

vw rehau

rehau color standart

color rehau

cover door

anti-vandal doors

design doors anti-vandal

etem anti-vandal doors

interno doors

pvc panel doors

europa prima

europa prima 2

rehau total plus 70

rehau synego

rehau geneo

portes eisodou

patzouria pvc alouminiou

eidikes kataskeves kourba paragona

With a wide range of colors

Colors in alouminioum 1

Colors in alouminioum 2

In the spring of 2020, the third cycle of the "Saving at Home" program for 2020 will be activated.

railings with glass crystal line

railings with glass fusion line

railings with glass open air

railings inox type

With a wide range of ready windows

typology of frames

Window UW with double and triple glazing

Interior Doors and Armored Doors

Greek-made Laminate doors

minimal sliding frames

Catalog of panels for entrance doors With Traditional designs

Catalog of panels for entrance doors with Traditional and other designs

shuters in allouminioum and pvc

Railings types

laminate cover doors armored

alouminioum cover doors armored

Discover the offers of the month moter shuter

Discover the offers of the month shuters moter

Why with us

The 14 points of a window from Styletech


Discover the offers of the month door entrance

KALEIDO COLOR from REHAU by Styletech

color door laminate foil


Ready frames from our exhibition