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Our pride for quality guarantee Made in

About us,History.

 “Style” and technology = 

STYLETECH frames were born in 1992 by Angelis Spyros and his family, initially with his wife Stella and after his daughter Athena in the belief that they are able to take advantage of the great experience gained in the history of the frames in Greece and in general in Europe, and to be able to re-enter the Greek market and not only with a high quality product capable of meeting an increasingly demanding and attentive clientele, and always using state-of-the-art cutting-edge technology,the latest industry news.

Since 1986, Angelis Spyros, along with his former partner, Giuseppe Linardi, was one of the first in Greece to believe and bet on this product, and their prediction combined with great passion and determination allowed them to quickly reach amazing goals and create a company that has become a pioneer in windows and doors.

Today his experience, knowledge and ability, together with the rest of his team, will form the basis for achieving an equally important goal.


Every mission is born to achieve a goal and ours has always been and is to produce that we were able to do very well for a long time: aluminum doors and windows and u-pvc synthesis!

Our dedication to this product is a kind of appeal that leads us to want to produce beautiful frames suitable for every type of architectural solution for every different aesthetic taste able to satisfy safety, thermal insulation and acoustic requirements in duration with time.

The constant need to be able to serve the customer in the best possible way and to better satisfy any difficult demands in our frames.

Our pride for quality guarantee Made in

All of the above will be our Mission !!!


The goals set by Spyros and Stella Angeli pass through a vision, that this product must be born of high technology and automation and that the choice of important and well-structured partners is fundamental to a very demanding market, that the choice of collaborators must be careful and precise to create a collaborative and productive team that attention to every detail and exaltation of Made in gain space and trust so that each customer has the best omata and products for their homes.

Today: designs and manufactures aluminum-pvc doors and windows designs and manufactures aluminum-pvc doors and windows of high airtightness, watertightness, sound insulation and thermal insulation.

With over 36 years of experience and modern window framing technology, we produce high quality products that create value for our customers while reducing costs.

The flexible structure of our company combined with the know-how of our employees and associates guarantees the constant quality and technical acne of our entire line.

Our product line includes many variants, details and links for different regional requirements across Greece and abroad.

Windows and doors manufactured by STYLETECH are tested in the ift system and are guaranteed by RAL CE quality and have proven to be in operation more than 10 million times.

STYLETECH quality door windows for each one of you

A company, numerous properties, international standards always with the latest in the industry.

We can provide everything from an idea - from advice and construction to installation.

Our products guarantee high quality of life, economy, energy efficiency and sustainability. Trust us and get to know STYLETECH quality door windows for each one of you!

ποιοτικά παράθυρα πόρτες

Our technical advantage is the result of continuous development and research.

We have developed and produced our own standards since 1995.

Our range of products now includes the most varied and modern designs in doors and windows, sliding doors, entrance doors, interior, armored and fireproof, energy-resistant windows, glass halls and atriums, cabinets and partitions in office walls as well as single- and folding shutters, roller shutters and insect screens, patio and fencing rails, garage and roof doors, automation and motors of all types.

STYLETECH is today one of the most innovative manufacturing companies in the window and door industry.

window and door industry

The continuous development of our products led to the successful launch of many new products in the market in cooperation with top names of the site in Greece and abroad.

Our motivation is the pursuit of innovation and quality: the result is over 45 years of success.

Trust the Experts in frames

More than 120 of our partners in Greece and abroad, serve and undertake the execution of techno-economic studies and projects, place our products with great success and always provide study and after-sale service, creating both the absolute desired climate of professionalism, trust honesty and responsibility.

Why choose Styletech products:

• Quality Guarantee & Reliability (10 + 10 years Warranty on Synthetic Frames)

• Excellent Quality - Value Relationship

• Quality Window - Modern Door - Certified Thermal Insulation Systems

• Immediate Service in normal frames

• Thermal protection, Energy Saving, Economy & Safety


Our products are manufactured exclusively in Greece

Our products are manufactured exclusively in Greece in our state-of-the-art facilities in Athens and have nothing to do with similar products, no Name manufactured abroad and imported into the Greek market and unfortunately sold as Greek products.

Our faithful to the principles that has been formed for 36 years, combines years of experience, sophisticated technology and know-how and continues to produce quality products of HELLENIC & GERMAN raw material, tailored to the needs of every Greek consumer.

The STYLETECH window frames are at your disposal after placing our products with excellent after-sales service for any technical issue or your query.

Creations by professionals for professionals and more., a company of German standards, has the most complete package in the field, for the needs of vendors and builders of doors and windows throughout Greece and Cyprus.

Synthetic and aluminum hat means:

always excellent material quality and construction, ready for placement, at an unbeatable price, with nominal warranty and duration.

Unique versatility of applications, in a wide variety of colors and constructions, and delivery on time.

In we create

we manufacture it as Germans, but we love it as Greeks.

Our years of experience in the aluminum, u-pvc-iron

Our years of experience in the aluminum, u-pvc-iron, our works and our existing customers are the guarantee for the realization of our promise and philosophy.

Our products:

Doors and windows made of aluminum, simple and energy - thermally switched.

Doors and windows of iron.

Doors and windows from energy - thermally switched, synthetic pvc, your choice.

Aluminum and wood interior doors, in various designs.

Security and armored doors of various types and types.

Third-generation glass mosquitoes in various combinations of thermo-permeability.

Seals of various dimensions and directions, simply and mechanically.

Rolls of various types, simple, aluminum, solid, heavy duty, high-perforation, heat-shrinkable, single-motion, crank, motor, rain sensor, wind, light, remote command choice.

Curtains of various types and design, simple and energy.

Investment of buildings with

Shades of various types of sunscreen.

Fire doors single and double.

Special constructions of your choice, designed by us, and copies you want.

Balcony and fencing rails, in light designs and applications.

Balcony and fencing railings in Ipo and Aluminum.

Office and apartment partitions.

Automation in garage doors, doors, sliding, opening.

A man who works with his hands is a worker.

A man who works with his own hands and with his mind is a craftsman.

We work with our minds and hearts!

We have proven our dynamic presence in the Greek market in recent decades.

Choose us and you will not be losers!

Why aluminum and u-pvc windows exist, but not all

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