Unbreakable window systems

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Unbreakable window systems

Unbreakable window systems

The architectural systems of STYLETECH until recently for windows and doors are now enriched by a series of special and complementary products, unbreakable and always following the same high-quality standards of the company and the materials it uses.

Supplementary products now offer complete solutions to homeowners and not only enhance the value of the final construction, providing additional features such as breakage protection, enhanced safety, shading, privacy, water drainage and further insulation with functionality and discreet design.

STYLETECH thorax has been specially designed for the two-leaf and single-leaf sliding doors of your home, doors, and windows that open, providing maximum seamless security.

The purpose of the interventions and construction is to keep the thieves out of your home with just one move.

Armored and unbreakable doors and windows.

Home protection is always a hot topic for all of us.

We can protect your home in different ways, with advanced alarms, railings and grills, armored doors, folding railings but also with armored doors and new generation windows.

Installing windows, for example a strong and durable window allows you to keep thieves and damage out of the house.

If you have a garden or easy passage through your windows, installing unbreakable doors and windows and applying new technologies to your windows allows you to increase the protection of your home even from the garden or easy access points.

As we will see in the article, the price of an armored window depends on several factors (type of window, security category, glass frame, ...) and generally an armored window starts at 300 euros per square meter, but continues to increase in security additions. which we will choose, for details.

Regardless of the name, not that it doesn't matter, an armored window (window) aims to give the home a first protection perimeter and delay time.

The thief who wants to break into the house from the garden, will have various difficulties in opening a door or window against the burglary test of the armored windows.

An additional guarantee from these frames is the way to protect the perimeter of the house not only when you are outside but also when you are inside the house, which is difficult to manage with alarm or other means.

When we talk about armored frames, we are talking about a passive system and to a large extent the level of protection of our home.

To protect the home, in addition to installing active protection systems such as alarm systems and video surveillance, the installation of passive systems is also very necessary.

These systems are also called thorax Styletech, burglar-resistant or test-resistant and home vandalism attempts.

The contents of this article are as follows:

Armored windows and doors: prices per square meter.

Cost for replacement or re-installation of armored window.

Safety classes for unbreakable strong windows and balcony doors.

Door and glass window prices.

Armored shutters with many locks, up to 48 points and railings.

Discount up to 50% for armored windows and doors.

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Armored windows: prices per square meter.

The cost of an unbreakable door or an armored window per square meter is estimated and costed according to:

The material:

Generally a shielded aluminum window with thermal break rc3 is chosen, but today there are also solutions in perfect pvc frames.

The type of opening:

Fixed window, single door, double door, sliding doors, superimposed frames, aluminum shutters, security shutters, metal shutters…

Safety Rc class from 1 to 6 compared to the European standard UNI EN 1627.

For example, in the table below you will find approximately average price values ​​for armored windows or Rc2 class doors or 3 per m2, with normal perimeter mechanism additions.

In the table below we only mention security class 2 or 3 because it is the one that is commonly used in normal homes, schools, offices and hospitals.

To find out the prices of armored windows class 3 or class 5, you need to talk to a professional Styletech for further, they are types of frames that need to be evaluated on the spot and only after careful inspection and with specific specifications.

Prices for armored windows Class 2 or 3 Average price per m2

Fixed door or window from € 300 per sq.m.

Reclining window from € 500 per sq.m.

Single-leaf door from 510 € per square meter

With two leaf doors or windows from 630 € per square meter

Rotating window from € 700 per square meter

Sliding door from 900 euros per m2

The approximate prices shown above are examples of armored windows, doors and frames that need to be installed, but you also need to consider the cost of infrastructure to install the armored window and any masonry cladding that works as you can read in the next chapter.

If you want to know exactly the total cost, immediately ask for free offers from the best professionals of special windows and doors, which as we said are more resistant to burglars and compare the various offers without obligation after inspecting our frames.

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Cost for replacement or re-installation of armored window or door!

As expected with the price of the armored window, we will have to add the installation cost and other procedures to evaluate the final price of the armored window, as we will do below:

Disassembly, dismantling of frames: average price 8 to 10 € per square meter.

Installation of the new armored window: average price € 30 per square meter.

Masonry should be at very well weighed levels and works to correct the frame of the window, or to modify the existing wall: average price 20 € per sq / m.

Lessons on security frames for unbreakable windows and balcony doors: free.

The knowledge one must have about safety categories and what they mean is important when evaluating the armored window you intend to purchase.

You may have noticed that above, in the price examples for armored windows but also in the previous chapters we have given some details about classes 2 and 3 and information about class 4 or 5.

But do we know what that means? Why only offer class 2 or 3 at home? In the following paragraphs we will explain the security classes of armored frames.

 In one window, the security levels of an armored window, or a window breaking test, are measured at 6 levels set by the European standard UNI EN 1627, which entered into force on 16 June 2011.

The UNI EN 1627 standard is entitled "Pedestrian doors, windows, walls made of inert materials, railings and safety guards - Burglary resistance - Requirements and classification".

This is the reference template for unbreakable windows and armored frames to identify anti-burglary and testing classes.

Each Rc class number determines the expected level of protection based on the passage of certain tests defined by the template from the window, based on delay time:

Rc 1 class: where the burglar tries to push the window with physical force (punches, shoulders, kicks, ...)

Class Rc 2: where the burglar tries to push the windows with simple tools (screwdrivers, forceps, ...)

Class Rc 3: where the burglar pushes the window with a crowbar and mechanical drilling tools

Class Rc 4: where the special burglar uses electric saws and hammers, wireless drills,…

Class Rc 5: where the special burglar also uses power tools (drills, electric saws, discs, ...)

Category Rc 6: where the special burglar uses powerful electrical tools, such as a large-wheel grinding wheel, sword saws, ...

Normally in frames, for home use, an armored window of category 2 or 3 may suffice.

If you want to make your window, or generally all your windows even more secure, you can add more railings or even our own armored aluminum shutters with 48 locking points.

The choice of what will be installed as a window frame, initially depends on the level of risk or protection he wants to have for his home, but also compared to what each customer is willing to spend on his frames, such as for maximum insurance.

Prices for armored windows and the amount rather special prices of unbreakable glass.

When it comes to armored windows, but in general for all windows, the choice and importance of unbreakable glass should not be underestimated.

The special glass for an armored window is a multi-layered and non-hardened glass and always with many layers glued together.

A multilayer unbreakable glass is classified according to different standards:

Anti-breakage and hardness protection with UNI EN 12600.

Unbreakable glass from UNI 356 with 8 levels of classes, from P1 to P8A.

Bulletproof glass with the UNI EN 1063 standard and with 7 reference categories, from BR1 to BR7.

Technically, as we see, the term "window frame, window or armored glass" unfortunately does not exist in the current legislation.

Since windows, like windows, are a commercial product, you need to be very careful about what you buy or what you sell.

For strong windows, armored windows or doors, reference is made to windows or aluminum shutters with anti-burglary category and bulletproof glass.

As for the usual cost, the price of such a window is about the same as the one we have proposed for armored windows and it is almost the same thing.

Armored aluminum shutters with lots of locks and safety railings.

If you want to complete the security of your windows and doors with the choice of frames, you can also have armored shutters, security railings and folding railings installed.

This way you will have the highest possible level of protection that a window, a door and a security railing can offer.

Folding railings can cost € 110 per square meter, although unlike the low price, they look nice on the outside.

If you live in an apartment building, with several residents and rules, check if you are going to install the railings you must first follow certain rules for shape and allowable colors.

Our new generation folding railing is an important deterrent for the occasional thief, who will have to make a lot of noise and several tools to break it and if he then manages the first stage of shielding, it will be very difficult to continue so, it will probably stop trying and be perceived everywhere.

For our armored shutters, we have no aesthetic problems and they do not have a significant price difference with the strong solid aluminum shutters.

The cost of an armored aluminum roll type starts from € 150 or € 200 per m2.

Although very impact resistant, they are light in operation.

By adding armored shutters, and a set of special frames, you have achieved the highest level of passive protection of home windows and doors.

Up to 50% discount for armored windows and aluminum safety shutters.

The new installation or replacement of armored windows is part of the interventions that can benefit from the discount of up to 50% for 2019 and will continue in 2020.

These interventions regarding the frames, fall into the category of projects aimed at preventing it. risk of misconduct by third parties to our property.

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So that you can secure your home in the best possible way and spend the right price, the best thing to do is to talk to different experts in the field of windows and evaluate different conclusions. In this way you will be helped and you will be able to deepen the issue, get to know the companies that make these frames and compare the prices with knowledge.

Ask for free offers now, as mentioned above, for armored windows in Athens, Nafplio, Chalkida or in any other area or city of the territory, with the best Styletech experts in the field of armored windows and doors and compare the offers you received without obligation, since you got them for an accurate check.

We are waiting for you because: you sleep peacefully, with confidence, upgrading your quality of life.

Come close to finding solutions to the problems you have been dealing with so far and we will be of concern to you today.

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