Windows with maximum sound insulation and sound protection 52 dB

Door frames with incredible sound insulation

Door frames with incredible sound insulation

Selecting windows based on the degree of sound insulation of rooms and other spaces is a requirement that is often considered minimal by many but very important for the quality of life in a home and not only.

The soundproofing of materials and frames are measured in decibels (dB), and the better the sound insulation, the higher the value in dB.

However, in today's circumstances, traffic noise outside a home and other work there is a cause of difficulty sleeping, and to the regularity with consequent problems in the mental and physical health of small and large people.

Decreasing the dithering depth of the outside noise of a frame or window depends on the frame material, the thickness of the window, the type of glazing, and the connection to the masonry.

In STYLETECH, after many tests, we have been able to build windows with maximum sound insulation and sound protection.

Come closer together to find solutions to the problems that they have up to now and from now on they will also employ us.

If you notice an increase in noise from the frames, combined with the weak points of contact on the wall, in relation to the type of glass, the frame of the window, as a whole, would give an indication of a non-uniform sound effect, so as a result This has certainly been improved with the application of new technologies, through a bankrupt and decisive intervention in each window separately and for each need.

A final clarification on the echo: acoustic restoration is more effective than replacing the entire frame of the window, as well as much less expensive than a new window.

Acoustic insulation of windows and doors: what you need to know about it.

Windows and windows in general are often considered the culprits of poor isolation from traffic noise and more.

There is nothing worse when you sometimes try to relax at home, when you are suddenly ready to jump to the sound of every horn, to hear this incessant background of engines and moving cars, from which there seems to be no escape until updating on our new soundproof frames.

And that's not the end of the problem.

There are construction sites and other shops, stadiums, kindergartens, sports centers, which sometimes operate slowly, and specialty iron shops that forge and drill materials all day, sometimes nightlife, now that you have a place under the house is one common ground, with awakenings full of people talking, often loudly, disturbing the neighborhood with loud voices, music on the percussion and much more.

So what do you need to do to sleep peacefully and quietly in your home?

Insulate the windows of the house from outside noise, replacing it with the new Styletech soundproofing frames.

I don't think or solve it to be either:

Sell ​​everything and move to the countryside, asking for more peace?

It could be an expensive solution, but now fortunately there are more and more practical solutions, such as focusing and paying attention to new frames and especially, to the soundproofing of windows and doors in your home.

Many who do not know enough will advise you to replace existing windows with double-glazed windows, or increase the thickness of the glass: "Do you still hear noise and have double-glazed windows?"

Install a triple glazing! "You may have heard this statement more than once, and from experts and non-experts alike, know that it will not help enough at the levels we are asking for.

Don't get me wrong guys, triple glazing is great and very effective against noise, but what needs to be clarified about it is: glass is not the only problem nor the window or door frame, unless it is old or has deforms and closes badly, resulting in noise pollution from external factors.

Other partners and manufacturers, on the other hand, are a little more educated, as they advise you to increase the thickness of the glass from double to triple, but having rolls at home, they will tell you that by isolating the roll box you will solve all the problems. .

This is actually not so wrong, but it is incomplete and in some way inaccurate: nothing can be done?

Noise: definition, meaning and dissemination.

In common everyday use, the word "noise" includes all the sounds we find annoying or somewhat annoying.

Indeed, this definition has a scientific basis.

In physics, in fact, noise defines an unwanted annoying signal that overlaps information or sound ... but let's face it, it's unnecessary.

What you need to know about soundproofing frames and soundproofing glasses.

Acoustic soundproofing and sound absorbing glasses, what?

There are many solutions that can be used to obtain acoustic insulation, albeit to a large extent reducing noise pollution.

A fairly common mistake that is often made is to underestimate the problem, considering that a fairly good sound-absorbing glass is sufficient.

However, in the field of sound insulation is not sufficient ...

Soundproof room, with soundproof frames: for your own well-being.

Noise solutions for your home.

To find prosperity and silence, the ideal solution is to soundproof a room, or any other space we would like to have high levels of sound insulation.

The soundproofing of a room, whether at home or at work, must be done taking into account some key elements that we have discovered over so many years of experience.

First, the spread of noise between windows and wall ...

The solution to noisy neighbors, and in general to external phenomena.

How to get rid of the noise caused by your neighbors in quiet moments of day, night?

It has long been known that durable annoying noises when at home significantly increase the level of stress, often the main cause of many diseases.

It greatly affects our health and calm ...

Acoustic sound insulation and quality of life.

The specialized acoustic sound insulation of frames, by specialists and competent professionals, definitively solves the problems caused by external noise.

The data that allow the soundproofing of the frames, to solve noise problems must be accurately determined, using the appropriate know-how based on tests we do all these years ...

Corporate noise

How does noise affect work and productivity in the company?

Your business may have problems with noise and concentration in your offices.

Noise in the company is a problem that is often overlooked, but with a lot of research this is a major source of inconvenience in production and offices.

Noise is not only a nuisance, but it can also be a complication of the activity.

The psychoactive

What is psychoacoustics?

Psychoacoustics: what it is and how it works.

The issue we are facing today is extremely important, although many are unaware of it.

When we talk about psychoacoustics we mean paying attention to the psychological side of acoustics, which is much more important than the other issues it causes or sound insulation.


Possibility and sound insulation at home.

Does acoustic insulation affect the housing requirements of the home? As you may have noticed, we really want to dispel myths: we prefer absolute transparency and clarity in acoustic insulation, so that we all have a certain level of sound insulation, and it is acceptable to all members of a family.

Soundproof double glazing.

What you need to know about soundproof double glazing.

Soundproof double glazing: do they really work and how? Soundproof double glazing is not necessary.

Instead, they represent a key element of the structure of a window, when the target is good and an acoustic and thermal insulation. ,

However, normal double glazing is not sufficient for this purpose.

The noise in the office.

Office noise as a cause of stress.

Office noise is a surprisingly common scenario: it occurs in 92% of jobs.

Ignoring the noise may seem like a win-win situation, as well as believing that you are immune to it, or that you can get used to it, but unfortunately the problem is not solved in the long run and causes significant problems for each of us working on it.

Increasing productivity.

Increase productivity thanks to acoustic sound insulation.

The goal of every entrepreneur is to increase the productivity and efficiency of his company, along with the health of his employees, in order to achieve more results with less effort and, of course, an ever-increasing profit.

The success of a company depends on the quality of the work, and therefore on the sound levels.

The noise in the restaurant.

The noise in the restaurant destroys the happy atmosphere.

Have you ever heard of the unconscious discomfort caused by restaurant noise? It is this unpleasant feeling that we sometimes experience when we are in a noisy environment, but statistically only those who are quite trained notice it consciously.

We feel tired, preferring moments of rest to being in the right environment.

Sound insulation what do you need to know?

What you need to know to get permanent sound insulation within a space that interests you.

How to get permanent acoustic insulation?

In a previous article, we clarified the main element for obtaining definitive acoustic insulation, certainly the most important, which makes the difference between an effective result and a disappointing one.

This is also the technique of installing soundproofing frames.

The importance of noise protection.

Since ancient times, man has sought refuge in search of peace and protection.

There are many threats we have been avoiding for thousands of years.

Some of them are easy to control, others, however, require more effort to deal with.

The links between health and acoustics.

What is the relationship between health and acoustics?

Health is the most important resource, there is nothing else that is more important and, when it is lacking, all the other problems come into the background.

It is scientifically proven that sound insulation is a necessary element for a good life and well-being.

How to get an effective acoustic insulation.

Noise propagation and transmission: how does this happen? The sound and its derivatives, therefore, the noise, propagate to the environment in the form of waves, which propagate according to a spherical shape, therefore in all directions at 360 °.

These waves have an energy directly proportional to the wave emitted by a radio station.

The effects of annoying noises and noise pollution in our daily lives.

Have you ever wondered all the effects that annoying noises can have on your life? There are very deep and serious consequences of noise, which we often do not think about, do not calculate, with serious sometimes consequences, but we do not even realize it. You can find out more in some articles of the Ministry of Health, or in articles of special doctors about the consequences in our organisation.

Acoustic comfort and privacy thanks to the sound insulation.

How to get acoustic comfort and privacy of your space.

Do you really have freedom in your home? Are you really free to do what you want when you want? The following may be invalid, but let's take a few practical examples: it often happens that you listen to the TV at high volume, play an instrument or read a book, sleep during the day, or many more. activities you do every day.

Everyone would like us to do all the above, to have the peace we want and not to be perceived as much as possible by the neighbors.

For these and all of the above, we recommend the new soundproof windows and doors from Styletech.

You can do everything right, you just need to know how, you need to know very well the physics of noise and noise pollution, to recognize each of the acoustic leaks that all windows in your home have, new or old, and to retrieve them all accurately and at all points of contact.

Leaving even a few will disappoint all the work and the result would be unsatisfactory, not unacceptable but not at those levels offered by a proper soundproofing window.

By performing a complete and correct acoustic recovery, the noise from the external traffic will no longer be as annoying as an intruder in your home, but a distant memory and a pleasant living and relaxing space.

Finally, after a perfect installation of soundproofing frames, you will be able to enjoy all the tranquility and tranquility of an ideal home, ideal for relaxation and isolation from the noise that now characterizes modern cities.

Acoustic sound insulation restoration: this is the final and most correct solution.

I'm not asking you to believe me in the word, try to control the tightness of the window we offer you, just by placing your ear in the center of the closure or where it ends in front of the masonry, you will confirm a change. to perceived external noise.

Come up close and make your own test on the Styletech soundproofing frames.

We are waiting for you. Door frames with incredible sound insulation


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