Kitchen doors from 460 €

The kitchen is probably the most important room in the house: in addition to being a place to prepare meals, the kitchen is the environment in which family members gather and share their daily experiences.

Our kitchen doors must reflect the characteristics of this environment and be functional and hospitable at the same time, always in very good designs and above all at good prices.

Styletech offers a large collection of doors ideal for furnishing the kitchen of the house, among which stand out the open doors, sliding doors, glass doors, classic doors, in aluminum material and synthetic pvc and wooden doors.

Based on the plan, we offer at amazing prices the following:

For the final cost of a product, the price is built step by step with the necessary components and materials, so please send details to the following  link

Kitchen doors from 460 €

Cost calculation in white.

In addition to all the designs available in our many catalogs, we can design and build any door.

For further colors up close

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2 - Kitchen doors from 490 €2 - 590€

3 - Kitchen doors from 520 €3 - 620€

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5 - Kitchen doors from 540 €5 - 640€

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