Offers continue with energy frames 760 € only

Balcony door U-PVC with Roll. 860€ only !!

Offers continue with energy frames.

Offers continue with energy frames.

Μπαλκονόπορτα U- pvc με Ρολό. 490€ μόνο

Two-sided opening-tilting, with double glazing 120cm x 220cm.

* Perimeter security mechanism with multiple locks.

* Double glazing 4-16-4

* PVC roll with Pvc or polyurethane foil leaflet and belt drive.

* Pentathalamic or Sulfathal 70-80mm thickness profile with Uf: 1.3-1.1

* Ugly surface without pores

* Specially designed and certified reinforcement irons

Located in the county.

Placement and dehumidification on an existing wooden frame in a built-in shutter in a frame.

The offer is valid for 3 pieces or more with each transfer.

The offer is valid until stocks and colors are exhausted.

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