The prices of folding railings Now: Only 170 € per square!

The prices of folding railings, cost starting at € 90.00 per square meter

Now: Only 110 € per square!

Prices of foldable rails vary according to a whole range of items.

First, the dimensions of the surface to be protected must be checked: in the case of standardized measurements, we could achieve savings of approximately 20% compared to the bids made for measurement.

Iron, aluminum, stainless steel or galvanized steel have a cost that will affect the final cost as well as the finish: we can choose decorated or painted structures.

at € 60.00 per square meter

Lastly, the lock we intend to install must also be taken into account.

Galvanized steel railings have a cost starting at € 60.00 per square meter, while for the painted version it reaches up to 120.00 € per square meter and up to 260.00 € for choices in wood colors.

As mentioned, you can save much in the case of standard sizes.

The indicative cost for installing this type of railing is approximately € 80.00.

Mounting is fast enough and, as already mentioned, does not require masonry work.

Now: Only 150 € per square!

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