Opening Reclining PVC Frame Thermo, REHAU GENEO

Opening Reclining PVC Frame Thermo, REHAU GENEO

REHAU GENEO synthetic pvc frames, 86 mm deep

The REHAU GENEO windows, manufactured by STYLETECH, are the plus thermo system and are the REHAU window profile which, at a mere 86 mm thick, allows for incredible acoustic and thermal insulation values ​​that meet the needs of every demanding customer and are what we apply. , in the windows of the passive house.

Due to its unique structure and materials, REHAU GENEO made by STYLETECH allows up to 76% energy savings compared to conventional 80s wood windows, reducing heating costs and creating a pleasant living environment in interior of the building.
synthetic pvc frames tilt and turn rehau geneo phz

GENEO PHZ - GENEO, certified for passive houses.

The GENEO profile is certified for passive installations and homes.

Window profile REHAU GENEO, in a house.

Technical information:

Soundproofing REHAU GENEO .

Up to protection class 5, without reinforcement (glass 50-55 dB = R w, P 47 dB).

Thermal permeability.

Uf value: 0.85 W / m2 K.

Depth profile 86 mm.

Security against intrusions.

Up to endurance class 3.

up to grade 2 (without steel reinforcement).

Technique with six full shield chambers, with and without steel reinforcement.

Benefits  REHAU GENEO.

Durable and again durable, thanks to the innovative RAU-FIPRO material, a high-tech composite fiber that ensures stability, torsional stiffness and unmatched lightness.

Reliable, in terms of durability, thanks to the integrated IVS reinforcement system it is equipped with.

It allows you to create windows of different shapes and large dimensions without compromising on energy.

Performances that translate to wellness, in terms of tranquility and safety, but also comfort and functionality.

They do not require special maintenance because they are dust resistant and less susceptible to dirt.

Non-deformable, shock-resistant and able to withstand the most adverse atmospheric conditions.

Excellent stability, guaranteed for 10 years, in light and atmospheric agents.

Good durability characteristics, even at low temperatures and susceptibility to acids, molds, micro-organisms, salt and cloud.

Also available in version for sliding lift systems.

Infinite design possibilities.

Your window - Your style.

Offering a perfect insulation of a building.

Aesthetics, practicality of use and energy efficiency - these are the characteristics that the "envelope" of a building cannot leave.

With REHAU GENEO systems from STYLETECH, for windows and facades, our customers can always rely on a high quality brand and always with the care of our staff, with love and care, able to have products that meet all the special needs. your requirements of each of our clients.

Our offer as STYLETECH in this area is very large and varies:

from window systems, facades, sliding doors, small entrance gates, winter gardens and terraces, to blind roller shades and windows, windows and interior windows.

In addition to providing innovative solutions, REHAU GENEO and STYLETECH support high quality customer service at every stage of the project, from design to fulfillment.

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