Volkswagen VW Synthetic pvc REHAU, Synthetic Frames

Volkswagen VW Synthetic pvc REHAU, Synthetic Frames

Synthetic pvc type volsvagen with depth 70, 80, 86 mm.

This system is implemented by STYLETECH in all the EURO DESIGN, SYNEGO, GENEO, GENEO PHZ series.

PSK plastic PVC pvc doors, by Rehau and STYLETECH, impress with excellent insulation properties.

Plastic composite pvc is the most commonly used material for window and door production in Germany and not only.

Exceptional insulation properties and optimal price / performance ratio give the Rehau and PSK door a high level of performance with long life and comfortable operation in all areas., Rehau, Synego, MD Classic plastic pvc door with 80 mm depth is future-oriented, with a modern and sustainable synthetic pvc door and patio.


The Synego PSK doors, by Rehau and, are the ideal solution for large and medium-sized building owners with energy consciousness, because they provide a comfortable living environment with minimal power consumption.

The triple or quadruple jam, with a Ug value of 0.5 W / m²K, is particularly soundproofing and can optionally be formed with a spacer made of aluminum or plastic, increasing the heat insulation levels to incredible levels.

Compared to other systems, the profile and Synego profile pvc offers up to 50% more thermal insulation and 36% sound insulation, saving valuable energy in heating, protecting the environment and increasing the long-term value of the property at the same time, offering a clean environment.

The profiles of combinations, with 6 and 7 chambers with a depth of 80 and 86 mm, and steel reinforcement in the frame profile, offer excellent stability.

Combined with the reliable G-U and ROTO components, PSK Rehau, Synego, Geneo, Geneophz, MD Classic plastic pvc door profiles also offer a constant burglary protection.


With our new system, with a special modulator, you can equip your new Rehau PSK Styletech with either simple or RC1N and RC2N resistors.

The wide range of our glass panes gives you the opportunity to equip your new PSK door with a multi-choice energy glass in a wide range of thermal insulation, soundproofing and security features.

The "Classic" version of the system can convince a typology with a shift sheet and a stable one and offers a classic look with clean lines.

The three sealing levels reliably protect against wind and weather.

The surface of the PSK profile, Rehau synthetic pvc door made by, Synego, MD Classic, Geneo, previously difficult to clean, now due to HDF technology, is extremely easy to clean and clean drive away stains.

Plastic Synthetic pvc, PSK Rehau door, Synego, MD Classic, or better choice for people with energy consciousness.

Available in:

         7 and 6 chamber system for optimum insulation values.

         Depth of construction 80 mm with Uf = 0.94 W / m²K.

         Triple glazing Ug = 0.5 W / m²K standard.

         Central seal system with 3 sealing layers.

         ActivePilot assembly system from the G-Uo ROTO.

         HDF technology for smoother surfaces.

          Visually displaced in the area and with clear lines.


         Including the window handle (basic version).

Standard glazing: 3 times with Ug = 0.5 W / m²K 2.

3 levels of sealing for excellent protection against wind, rain and noise

 Visual appearance within the frame

Aesthetic seals protect against wind and weather and give the glass Halt

 7 and 6 cabin profiles with 80 mm installation depth, Uf = 0.94 W / m²K

       6. Galvanized metal reinforcements ensure static stability and long service life

      7. The effect of the glazing can vary depending on the design of the glazing and its overall thickness.

Offering a perfect insulation for a building.

Aesthetics, practicality of use and energy efficiency - these are the characteristics of which the "envelope" of a building can not give up.

With REHAU systems from STYLETECH, for windows and façades, our customers can always rely on a quality brand name and always with the care of our staff making with love and taste, they are able to have products that satisfy all specific requirements of each of our clients.

Our offer as STYLETECH, in this field is very great

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