Synthetic pvc frames REHAU sliding, superimposed, recessed euro-design, synego, geneo

Synthetic pvc frames REHAU sliding, superimposed, recessed euro-design, synego, geneo

REHAU pvc composite pallets, sliding, seamless

Sliding windows with style and grace.

The REHAU sliding composite pvc windows and doors, made by STYLETECH, with a depth of 70.80 and 86 mm, have a driver system specially designed to replace, not just any living space, either proprietary housing or offices and buildings synthetic pvc, windows and sliding doors can be applied.

Sliding synthetic windows work well in different rooms and rooms.

pvc frames lift & slide Hebe-Schiebe doors  rehau euro design synego geneo

Ideal to highlight the landscape, this window style can be used wherever you want an unobstructed view of the exterior.

Sliding pvc windows create a stunning look that intensifies modern architecture for the entire home.

While other sliding moving systems are limited in size, the REHAU High-Design Slide series of window frames offer large-sized sheets and large gap openings.

The sliding synthetic windows made by STYLETECH have a sleek, modern look that emphasizes the architectural lining of a building.

This window style, features less frame and more glass, offering unobstructed views of the open air.

With this powerful sliding door system, REHAU and / or STYLETECH, meets modern architectural requirements, for large open windows.

The strong reinforcements we use provide greater resistance to external elements such as wind pressure or high temperature resistance and static loads.

The REHAU U-pvc sliding windows, synthetically made by STYLETECH, are ideal for modern homes, combining exceptional design and mechanical support to offer exceptional flexibility and create a sense of openness in any building, either a house or a block of flats .

Offering a perfect insulation for a building.

Aesthetics, practicality of use and energy efficiency - these are the characteristics of which the "envelope" of a building can not give up.

With REHAU systems from STYLETECH, for windows and façades, our customers can always rely on a quality brand name, and always with the care of our staff by producing with love and taste, they are able to have products that satisfy all your specific requirements, of each of our clients.

Our offer as STYLETECH in this field is very large and varied:

from window systems, facades, sliding doors, small entrance gates, winter gardens and terraces, in blind boxes of blinds and shades, windows and interior ledges.

In addition to providing innovative solutions, REHAU and / or STYLETECH, supports customers with high-level support services at every stage of the project from design to fulfillment.

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