Sliding Aluminum Frame, ETEM 19

Sliding Aluminum Frame, ETEM 19

Sliding plain aluminum system ETEM 19

The ETEM 19 system is a sliding simple system that combines the functionality of the profile with security, aesthetics, functionality and long life living, features that are already self-evident in the ETEM architectural systems implemented by STYLETECH.

The design of the System Prints includes a 32mm wide sheet and a wide range of decorative solutions and options as well as suggestions for all types of construction both inside and outside the wall.

aluminum frames lift & slide doors overlapping  etem 19

The sliding ETEM 19 is a system with excellent properties in its class as far as ergonomic design, modern appearance, waterproof and airtightness, simple assembly and easy operation.

All these features of the sliding ETEM 19 are combined with the rational use of materials, resulting in a robust and affordable frame with the best value for money in cooperation with STYLETECH.

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