Special constructions in Doors

Special constructions in  Doors

Door technology with a picture in the future

The co-planes at entrance doors, indoor, hotel ..

The innovative design of these doors combines the dynamism of each door with impeccable elegance and allows for the complete integration of the doors on the face of each building in modern and simple lines.

Special constructions in  Doors

Extremely the levels of thermal insulation, which are always achieved with the high quality designed multi-chamber and cellular polyamides, in the profile of the doors.

Robust and beautiful profiles give a sense of protection and security

Over-dimensioning of all openings, with specially designed profiles, as the height and width limitations until the previous one are eliminated.

The hidden quadruple hinges do not interfere with the design of the door, and fit perfectly to provide comfort and functionality on the co-planes.

The corrugated surfaces of each door give elegance, style, design, and always maintain their minimalist and modern character.

The clear hinge, and this is a classic, and timeless choice for any type of door, whether internal or external.

The reset mechanism with adjustable stabilizer stops smoothly and moves the door gently, without noise and keeps it effortlessly stable and in difficult conditions.

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