EUROPA 500 ideal for any open frame

EUROPA 500 ideal for any open frame

EUROPA 500 is ideal for any open frame

EUROPA 500 is ideal for any open frameThe durability of classic lines, perfect finishing and ultimate functionality make the EUROPA 500 ideal for every open frame, in a wide variety of architectural designs, meeting the highest demands.


Aluminum windows EUROPA 500

The EUROPA 500 system is a technical achievement that perfectly covers all openings frames.

It is the only system of the market that allows the manufacturer to construct 90% of the various types of frames such as: Windows, Balcony doors, main entrances, Skylights, Projections, Rotating, Harmonized and Fixed, using only 12 profiles.


The system allows the manufacture of windows and doors with one or more sheets. It has a complete range of components that cover constructions such as opening tilting windows, balcony doors, entrances, skylights, rotating, harmonic, fixed, etc.

 It has three leaf sizes (small, medium, large) as well as matching frames that have built-in flexor or snap fittings.

It uses single, double and triple lock locks and offers effective sealing with three series of special tires.

It accepts double or triple glass panes of thickness from 4 to 38 mm. It provides perfect functionality, flawless finishing and aesthetics. It employs a wide range of mechanisms of Greek and Italian origin.


Series: EUROPA 500

Material: Al Mg Si 0.5 F22


Dimensional tolerances according to: EN 12020-2


Classification: Watertightness E1950, Air tightness 4th class, Resistance to air C5 Glass application: Laminated leaf and laminated sheet without lath.

Crystal thickness: Various depending on the profiles and the slopes they use.

Basic dimensions of the system:

 Case: 50 mm or 60 mm wide and 50 mm high

Sheet: 50 mm or 58 mm wide and 72 mm high.

Scotch perimeter: between frame and leaf 5 mm.

Scotland central: between sheets 4 mm.

Feather facing the glass: 22 mm.

Joint cover feathers: 35 mm with roundness.


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