The new EUROPA Hybrid A40 SI thermal opening system

The new EUROPA Hybrid A40 SI thermal opening system

EUROPA Hybrid A40 SI thermal opening thermal insulation system

Opened europa hybrid A40 aluminum frames

EUROPA's leading design for Super Insulation architectural systems.

The design of the profiles is in line with modern architectural trends as it is offered in straight lines.

Particular emphasis has been placed on the design of the series to provide increased thermal insulation with Uf of 1.1W / m2K as well as increased sound insulation.

Specially designed double-extrusion tires from epdm material in combination with expanded-epdm, as well as the use of EPS insulating materials inside the chambers achieve a significant increase in thermal insulation.

In addition, the special design bumpers of EPDM material achieve excellent sealing with the center tire.

The EUROPA Hybrid A40 SI series is provided with a perimeter locking mechanism for maximum safety.

The series gives the additional possibility of manufacturing floor-to-floor entrance doors with external heavy-duty hinges.

 It is the Hidden Sash version of the system.

The frame is specially designed to completely cover the sheet so that there are no visible joints outside the frame.

Uniformity appears even in the choice of fixed-type typology.

This system, both in its basic version and in the typology with the hidden sheet, is part of the anniversary series bearing the 40 years Anniversary Series logo.

Summary data

· Opening thermal insulation system.

· High, certified thermal insulation with coefficient of thermal conductivity Uf of 1.1W / m2K.

· Certificate of typology for air-permeability, water tightness and resistance to wind pressure.

· Rectangular design with 2 leaf and frame sizes.

· Accepts double or triple glazing up to 44mm for high levels of thermal insulation and sound insulation

· Absolute waterproofing with 3 rows of double extruded tires


· Entrance doors.

· Opening (with or without tilt).

· Opening windows with a hidden sheet.

· Fixed Glass Panels.

· Composite structures.

QUALICOAT: Certification of electrostatic painting process.

DTI: Thermal permeability certification.

IFT Rosenheim: Certification of air permeability, water tightness and resistance to wind pressure.

IFT Rosenheim:

Air permeability: CATEGORY 4.

Water tightness: CATEGORY up to E900.

Wind pressure resistance: CATEGORY C5 / B5.


1. Design of profiles with straight lines.

2. Two sheet sizes and two frame sizes.

3. Use of 34 mm polyamides for increased thermal insulation.

4. It has a hidden sheet profile.

5. Levels of entrance door profiles.

6. Perimetric locking profile for maximum safety.

7. Possibility to place double or triple glazing up to 44mm for high levels of thermal insulation and sound insulation.

8. Specially designed elastic perimeter of the pane for optimal thermal insulation and sealing.

9. Three rows of tires between case and sheet for complete waterproofing.

10. Special design bumpers made of EPDM material for better sealing and application with the center hose.

11. EPDM - Expanded EPDM Tires.

12. Maximum thermal insulation using XPS and EPS insulating materials.


Aluminum Alloy: AlMgSi-0.5 F22

Hardness: 12 Webster

Minimum paint thickness: 75 μm

Thickness of profiles: 1,4-2mm

Dimensional tolerances according to: EN 12020-02

Case dimensions: 75mm X 50.6mm

Glass Sheet Dimensions: 85mm X 75.5mm

Thickness of glazing: 24 to 44mm

Polyamide width: 34mm

Coefficient of thermal conductivity: From Uf = 1.1 W / m2 * K

Maximum perimeter sheet dimensions (WxH): 1.0m X 2.3m

Maximum leaf weight of perimeter mechanism: 140 Kgr


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