EUROPA 2000 system also covers the most difficult requirements

EUROPA 2000 system also covers the most difficult requirements

The ideal solution for any type of small and large-sized sliding door frame

Aluminum sliding frames europa 2000

The EUROPA 2000 system also covers the most difficult requirements

The EUROPA 2000 System covers the most demanding requirements, offering robustness, absolute functionality and high aesthetics with classic lines.

technical description

The "EUROPA 2000" series is a sliding system, suitable for the construction of sliding and recessed frames.

It has three different sheets (straight, oval and oval with integrated handle) and two types of guides, (tubular and low only with inox addition).

The manufacturer has three options in the construction of the frames: - to use the same low or tubular guide perimeter by cutting the 45 °. - use two different guides, using the low top and bottom and a different side, cutting 90 °.

It also has the choice to use three different ways in making the sheets: - Only use the straight or oval sheet perimeter. - use the combination of the oval sheet and the sheet with the handle.

It uses single, double or even quadruple rollers, 27 mm in diameter.

It provides the possibility of installing single glass panes up to 6mm thick and up to 21mm thick.

The profiles are processed in the PIEJA specially designed press 2000-100.

There is also a full range of accessories, available from "PROFIL ACCESSORIES".


Series: Europa 2000

Material: Al Mg Si 0.5 F22

Dimensional tolerances according to: EN 12020-2

Classification: Type Waterproof E3, Airtight A3 and V2A Resistance.

Crystal Thickness: Accepts single glazing up to 6mm thick and double up to 21mm.

Basic dimensions of the system

Window-shutter sheet: 35.4mm wide and 84mm.

Mesh panel: 26.2mm wide and 75.2mm high

Double Guide: 96.6mm wide and 34mm high

Triple Guide: Width 124.4 - 146.6mm and height 34mm.

The leaf scroll centers in the double-sided driver are 50mm, while the triple driver (window-shutter) is 38.9mm. The head of the guides receives the addition of inox curvature Ø8mm.


The system allows the construction of sliding windows such as slats or recesses etc.

It has a complete range of components that perfectly cover all constructions.

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