"EUROPA 10000"

The "EUROPA 10000" series is a new sliding thermo-soundproofing

Aluminum windows with sliding sound insulation system europa 10000

The "EUROPA 10000" series is a new sliding thermosetting system designed to cover large openings, offering high thermal insulation, excellent waterproofing and security.

technical description

The above advantage is achieved by using the specially designed G.U. 934 mechanism, which first elevates the sheet (max. Weight up to 250 Kg), then slides it onto the stainless steel guide.

It is also possible to mount an electric motor (GU-934 HS MASTER) either in the initial stage of construction or in already installed constructions.

With the G.U 934 mechanism, we use rubber instead of brushes (inside the sheet), and seal it with the driver in the closed position.

In the adjacent frames, a specially designed pillar, is placed on the sheet (in the middle of the rectangle) to reinforce it, in very large constructions.

Windows and doors are multi-locked, offering effective locking. The system allows for the construction of an adjoining door frame, with a fixed, quadruple joint, but also recessed (one-sided).

It accepts double or triple glass panes from 17 to 47 mm thick.

The profile is processed in the PIEJA specially molded press 10000.

There is also a full range of accessories, available from PROFIL ACCESSORIES S.A. to merchants.



MATERIAL: Al Mg Si-0.5 F22


TYPE: Watertight, Airtight.

PAINT OF CRYSTAL: It accepts double glass panes from 17 to 47mm thick.

Basic dimensions of the system

Glass sheet: Width 63mm and height 103mm.

Single guide: Width 70.2mm and height 50mm.

Double guide: Width 151.6mm and height 50mm.

The leaf scroll centers in the double driver are 81.4mm.

All the guides have a flat head with a 2.5 mm radius inox.

The leaf clearance between the heads in the rolling guides is 53.4mm.


The system allows for the construction of sliding frames, such as superimposed, staggered and recessed.

It has a complete range of accessories, which perfectly cover all constructions.

Mail: sales.alouminioum@styletech.gr

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