Open Reclining Aluminum Frame, ETEM 1000

Open Reclining Aluminum Frame, ETEM 1000

ETEM 1000 Series Aluminum Opened

The simple open ETEM 1000 aluminum system is designed to meet all the needs and modern requirements of a building or home with its simple construction, advanced technology and impeccable aesthetics, without exceeding the budgeted cost of the overall project.

Functional, stable, robust, beautiful and complete, in terms of the available aperture typologies, the ETEM 1000 system offers the choice of a wide variety of profiles for the construction of special, curved, derivative as well as straight profiles with the application by STYLETECH.

The ETEM 1000, is a 40 mm and 48 mm sheet cross section (both straight and for derivatives and pompe profiles, respectively) manufactured, and meets all quality standards and indicators as well as certified as all other systems in accordance with the most stringent European standards.
aluminum windows frames opening tilt and turn etem 1000

The ETEM 1000 system, at the same time offers a wide range of accessories and accessories designed by ETEM, and like other ETEM systems, guarantees long-lasting results, functionality and durability, always from STYLETECH.

Finally, after all the excellent features of the ETEM 1000 system, combined with the option of using and locking multiple locking mechanism in one or both parts to move the fra, make the ETEM 1000 an ideal solution for replacing old and new aluminum frames, in all typologies by STYLETECH.

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