KÖMMERLING Frame 76 AluClip

KÖMMERLING Frame 76 AluClip

With Kömmerling 76 you can have both aluminum and PVC.

 Pvc frames KÖMMERLING 76 AluClip

KÖMMERLING Frame 76 AluClip

When making windows, aluminum is convinced by its unmistakable elegance, better resistance to atmospheric agents, high stability, easy maintenance and multiplicity of possible colors thanks to refreshing techniques such as RAL paint or powder coating.

On the other hand, PVC offers excellent thermal and acoustic insulation and maximum operational safety.

These are all the advantages of a single innovative system.

This will give you maximum freedom of choice and at the same time keep your windows in line with increasing energy efficiency requirements.

Aluclip with aluminum coating for the Kömmerling 76, you can enjoy the best of both materials: a sleek aluminum design in a wide variety of colors and the excellent thermal insulation of the most up-to-date PVC profile system.

Excellent thermal insulation over aluminum windows - Value Uf = 1.1 W / (m2K).

Large glazing up to 44 mm for installation of triple glazing and special windows.

Unlimited color selection for aluminum covers.

Easy to clean and durable.



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