KÖMMERLING PremiDoor 76 AluClip

KÖMMERLING  PremiDoor 76 AluClip

KÖMMERLING Sliding PremiDoor 76 AluClip

Pvc frames KÖMMERLING PremiDoor76 AluClip

PremiDoor 76 AluClip - Innovative 76 mm sliding door system with aluminum cover available in almost all colors.

The PVC-KÖMMERLING sliding door system with aluminum cladding combines the advantages of both materials into one single component.

Externally, the aluminum cladding offers virtually unlimited color design capabilities, while on the inside the PVC-KÖMMERLING profiles guarantee reduced maintenance, high dimensional stability and reliable functionality.

Experience your dream of bright, illuminated spaces: with the innovative PremiDoor 76 AluClip sliding door system.

Sliding doors can be manufactured up to 6.00 meters wide and 2.40 meters high.

Whether it's a green garden or an urban skyline, with the PremiDoor 76 AluClip you can bring the outside world to life with the large glass surfaces.

This modern barrier-free system is further enhanced by excellent handling and thermal insulation. Whether new or renovated: the PreluDoor 76 AluClip Lift / Sliding Door offers the perfect solution.

PremiDoor 76 AluClip is ideal for renovations thanks to its design, five chambers and reduced construction depth of 189.5 mm.

Glazing is possible up to 50 mm thick.

A high light passage is ensured by the thin lines of view on the door leaf, door and centerline.

Even the standard version of this new system has a mean Uf 1.4 W / (m²K), among the best of its kind for sliding doors.

The basic range also includes a fully accessible backyard system.

The system is designed as a simple and cost-effective solution for its own security needs, with up to RC2 durability.

This system is also an example from an ecological point of view - that KÖMMERLING was the first in the category of frames.



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