Door Locks

Door Locks

 Interior Door Locks

Interior door locks program includes locks from STV, HOPPE, ITASTEEL, ARRONE that meet all modern requirements for safety and comfort in use and for every type of door.

The program includes locks with different function and in a wide range of different basic dimensions that serve all types of Wood-Aluminum-Glass-PVC doors.
Pvc door locks with five locks
The program includes

Interior door locks
Locks for sliding doors
Locks with security cylinder
Locks with bearings and safety roller
Triax locks with safety cylinder
Locks for WC
Stainless steel locks with safety cylinder
Stainless steel locks for WC
Handles for wooden doors
Door lockers
Magnetic locks
• Roto Safe E Eneo A
Automatic Power Locks
The Eneo A program includes electric locks with a combination of electrical and mechanical functions that meet every modern operational safety requirement and at the same time great comfort in use.
Automatic mechanical lock
Automatic electrical lock
Operation with remote control, switch, Bluetooth devices
• Roto Safe E Eneo C / CC
The Eneo C / CC program includes full-function electric locks that meet every modern operational safety requirement and at the same time ease of use.
Automatic electrical lock
Automatic electrical opening
With day / night mode option
Operation with remote control-switch-Bluetooth devices
Ability to work with Roto E-Tec Door Drive for electric door opening.
• Roto Safe C600 - H600
The new generation of Roto Safe C600 - H600 security locks include Door, PVC and Aluminum door locks.
A large program of different dimensions of the central locking mechanism, for door height up to 3000 mm in combination with the complete range of peripherals for double doors, ensures a high level of safety in all types of main entrance doors.
The extremely smooth operation of the locks ensures the comfortable and safe use of the locks. The modern design of the new generation Roto Safe C 600 - H 600 lock language ensures absolutely noiseless operation.
Just a complete rotation of the key ensures that the locks are fully locked
An integrated program of different types of locks ensures the reliable and secure locking of each main entrance.
V - with "mushroom" type shutter
C - with 'pin-hook' closure
CB - with "pin" shutter
CH - with hook hook
• Tandeo
Integrated mechanical lock multi-point lock program via the safety roller. With different types of shutters it provides a very high level of safety and at the same time a comfort and ease of use. DoorSafe - Tandeo. The Tandeo lock is an innovative Roto design that gives you complete security, even without locking. The Tandeo lock automatically locks your door and in many places even without any action of your own. So the door to your house is always locked and not just locked.


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