Trust us and get to know STYLETECH quality door windows for each one of you!

The 8 added values ​​of STYLETECH's windows and doors.

Trust us and meet with STYLETECH the quality windows and doors for each one of you!

We will show you how to get a better quality of life for your home with us with:

more home comfort reduced energy costs and minimal maintenance costs.

Components and design

STYLETECH doors and windows are designed to withstand form and function.

We design your doors and windows just for your home and your individual needs.

Thermal insulation and savings on heating costs

Good thermal insulation reduces heating costs in winter and acts as a heat shield in the summer.

STYLETECH windows feature modern heat-insulating glass panels with high thermal insulation values ​​for window frames.

Solar and thermal protection

The STYLETECH sun protection glass is a great way to avoid overheating. The energy that hits the outside glass is absorbed or reflected a large extent and does not enter the room.


STYLETECH's high-quality window profiles, special glazing, and solid fittings ensure optimal noise protection.

Air permeability and leak proofness

Weather generally harms windows and exterior doors. Wind, storms, and rain require reliable design, tested joints and assembling of specific components.

Protection from injuries

The safe should mean safe. Extensive use of glass in private homes also means that security is of ever greater importance to us.

Breaking protection

Home security is a good feeling.

Even standard versions of STYLETECH windows are difficult to open.

The standard safety device may, if necessary, be upgraded to provide even greater protection than usual.

Individually designed options

The STYLETECH product program covers a wide range of building blocks.

Special technical and design requirements are met by the great freedom of design and the ability to satisfy individual choices.

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