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The cost of replacing the entrance door will also be subsidized and also deducted if it is replaced with a new door

 the products we produce Financing

With STYLETECH you can also buy from the products we produce that you need for your home's needs by choosing with us the payment method and the facilities that best suit your needs and wants.

Tax information Tax information

STYLETECH always offers its customers, free of charge, assistance in completing the framerate research in order to benefit from the new tax savings that are now in place to save energy.

This deduction from the year 2020 is also eligible for costs incurred for doors and windows, as well as accessories that help reduce heat transfer such as: shutters, shutters, curtains, shades and insulation.

The cost of replacing the entrance door will also be subsidized and also deducted if it is replaced with a new modern shielded door, or a door certified for required thermal insulation.

However, in order to gain access to the tax deduction for energy savings, it is necessary to maintain invoices, bank transfer payment receipts, certificates of heat permeability of the products provided, and email communication to the competent department that was transmitted with styletech.

To access the energy-saving tax deduction if your windows are replaced, you will need to have the building with windows and doors with the new heating system.

In addition to these building features, new windows and doors must meet certain requirements, comply with the minimum heat permeability indicated in the climate leaflet and always be certified by the manufacturer.

Our qualified personnelSupport

The value of a product is complemented by various factors such as its design, material, construction and, most importantly, proper installation.

For STYLETECH, the latter parameter represents one of the most important aspects in its work.

Always committed to providing excellent quality, STYLETECH is able to offer you "Certificates" or rather a certified installation of our team by the IFT Institute in Rosenheim.

In order to receive this certification and beyond, our staff has attended every year and is constantly updated with proper training courses.

STYLETECH offers a continuous help service exclusively for its customers.

Our qualified personnel will go to the project site to inspect, verify and test the proper operation of the frames and always guarantee the maximum duration and functionality of the products for your complete satisfaction.

timely guaranteeWarranty

All products offered by STYLETECH are accompanied by a warranty in accordance with the provisions of the Decree-Law and in some cases additional guarantees issued by the manufacturers of the products.

You can benefit from a timely guarantee if our products have:

- possible manufacturing defects and / or defects arising from the installation by our workshops alone, which do not allow normal use,

- possible compliance defects or other than agreed upon confirmation of the order between us.

The warranty cannot be applied when problems / defects arise from improper use after installation, falsification of any component, cleaning with inappropriate products or damage without the following advice on our forms.

To report any problems with the products in general and the frames in particular and to impose a warranty, you can contact our Customer Service by sending an email to:

Our customer satisfaction Tips

The experience and ability to find the right solution have made STYLETECH a modern company, where the client and architect engineer can find, besides the products presented in our exhibitions, a courteous but above all prepared staff, ready for to solve your different needs.

Our customer satisfaction rewards our business choice, so much so that today the company is able and able to offer a specialized and significant range of door and window products, displayed in a large contemporary exhibition space designed as a charming gallery, and the factory exhibition, where everything revolves around frames and products.

And with the private client as well as the professional and engineer, we are committed to providing the right commercial and technical advice, always aiming to find the right choice for you and tailored to your needs.

To provide better advice, STYLETECH dedicates a showroom service where you will always find a consultant at your disposal. We want to help our customer from the beginning of every inquiry, from cost estimation, bid making and after-sales service.

production and installation Mounting

STYLETECH is a company certified by The approved institutes for the production and installation of door and window frames.

A certification regarding the installation of windows, which must comply with the requirements specified by the ist. ift Rosenheim (notified body for inspection and certification at European level).

The value of a window or a door as a whole is given and consists of a combination of various factors, such as genuine materials, state-of-the-art technologies, proper assembly, perfect design and equally important installation.

The installation affects the levels of thermal and acoustic insulation and the quality of the applications from the certified garages contributes to their best use.

For this reason, STYLETECH trains its employees with numerous seminars and special courses, offered several times a year, in-service retraining courses and courses organized by production companies in conjunction with the launch of new products.

The certified installation with the required documentation guarantees good thermal and acoustic insulation and high sealing against external effects.  Mail :