"advanced closure systems"- you feel safe in your home

Why choose from STYLETECH: "advanced closure systems"

advanced closure systems

At STYLETECH its experts, study, design, propose, implement and oversee any simple and specialized construction, small to medium or large scale, and installation work is always done the same day, by our team, with experienced specialists and always with collaborators of our company.

The delivery of all products of all sizes is always certified by a special delivery-acceptance protocol from the company to the customer.

At STYLETECH ΄΄after sales service΄΄or performance and technical support to all clients, gives the ultimate in perfect, correct completion and delivery of a project of any size and for each of you, reaching perfection to such levels.

Τhat make us and our customers themselves feel at ease and at peace with STYLETECH products and our most vivid advertising.

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The customer never feels alone

The company follows the customer from the first design phase, to the placement and after-sales phase.

STYLETECH always takes care of all stages of construction.

Design: with the right professionals.

Production: specializing in pvc frames, aluminum and special constructions.

Installation: with experienced teams ensuring a professional, durable and secure assembly of all the systems we produce.

Certification: using genuine certified materials, components and systems that guarantee the ultimate quality of the final result for each customer.

After-sales assistance and communication: an important and integral part of our relationship with the customer who asks for his products after a good placement are the guarantees, with clearness, timeliness and professionalism.

Why choose from STYLETECH: "advanced closure systems"

All of our company's actions are aimed at creating perfect frames - doors and windows - that respond to the highest degree, to every functional and architectural need of every customer, aware after so many years of experience how they affect both aesthetics and effectiveness of a building.

At regular intervals, from the beginning until now, STYLETECH produces excellent frames and versatile products that combine both the highest quality and the sophisticated taste of each individual customer.

Our products are manufactured with genuine high quality materials, offering the customer a wide range of choices and applying both the frame type of the frame and the opening method, without neglecting the architectural form, stability and excellent technical performance.

STYLETECH produces the following:

· Aluminum doors and windows, simple and energy-efficient.

 · Doors and windows from energy-efficient, synthetic PVC, of ​​your choice.

 · Doors and windows made of iron.

 · Aluminum and wood interior doors, in various designs.

 · Security doors and shields of various types and options.

 · Third generation energy glass in various combinations of heat permeability.

 · Screens of various dimensions and directions, simply and mechanically.

 · Various types of rollers, simple, aluminum, solid, heavy duty, high-pierced, heat-breakable, simple gears, crank, motor, rain sensor, wind, light, remote control of your choice, and…

 · Wallpapers of various types and designs, simple and energy efficient.

 · J.bond building coverings.

 · Shades of different types of sunscreen.

 · Single leaf and double leaf fire doors.

 · Custom designs of your choice, designed by us, and copies you desire

· Terrace and fence railings, in infinite designs and applications.

 · Terrace and fence railings, in stainless steel and aluminum.

 · Office and apartment partitions.

 · Automation in garage doors, doors, sliding, open.

 · AND ………… .A man who works with his hands is a laborer.

A man who works with his hands and with his mind is a craftsman.

We work with the hands with the mind and the heart!

By choosing synthetic pvc and iron aluminum systems from STYLETECH.sa you have made the perfect choice for you where quality meets good prices, confidence, consistency and safety.

We are always at your disposal for additional information and any clarifications you may need.

Mail : info@styletech.gr