Personalized aesthetics for every customer.

We at Styletech make frames for your tastes and I want them for you!

If you like large bright glass surfaces, if you prefer wood in your windows, if you love bright modern colors or colors in neutral tones, and you want to feel safe at home and with the frames?

In a modern window, aesthetics are of course important, but also the functional characteristics of a window, the characteristics of protection from atmospheric factors, air, rain, unnecessary temperature, frost, and those that protect the invasion of criminals and your privacy.

The ideal windows are used to make your home the place where you really feel: calm and safe.

There are many windows and they are presented in different ways.

Therefore, today I decided to dedicate a little time and present a series of four elements in the windows, especially in our own Styletech windows, this product that for many years, our professional experience has proven in the best possible way aesthetics, quality and performance that are maintained over time and are constantly improving.

In this first article I will focus and pay attention to everything that composes the window, but especially the exterior of a window.

So I will talk to you about the detail, the aesthetics and I will present you the materials, the colors, the surfaces, the forms of doors, windows and their frames, but also details and style.

I will also try to inform you about the protection, with some information about the anti-invasion features in the house from the frames, which offer shelter from the great heat, unnecessary light, indistinguishable eyes of passers-by and annoying insects. .

All that I hope to help you adjust the exterior of your window as much as possible to 100%: because one of the advantages of Styletech is actually the ability to build the best window that is tailored to your needs, I want them both in aesthetics and functionality.

Personalized aesthetics for every customer.

The fact that Styletech is able to build the window in a proper and articulate way, by choosing the basic features itself, means for you that you can choose your own window according to your needs and the aesthetics that fit with:

•  The material.

• The color and type of surface.

• The shape of the profiles.

• Style and details.

All of these solutions will be described in the following paragraphs below.

•  The material.


In Styletech the materials used for the outside of the window are aluminum or PVC, or aluminum on the outside with pvc on the inside.

• Aluminum windows.


Thanks to the aluminum profile you can have a modern, strong and valuable window. It is a frame suitable for various colors and finishes.

It is very easy to maintain and is quite durable in case of strong exposure to sunlight and difficult weather conditions.

• PVC windows.

I have already mentioned in other articles about PVC windows and doors in general, with an emphasis on those of Styletech, in our PVC windows: how to make a quality choice yourself, to which I will refer you for more information below .

Styletech has been for many years, if we may say so, the excellence of PVC windows, which executes all the phases of window production from genuine PVC material inside the factory.

PVC is robust, heat insulating, soundproof, easy to maintain and with excellent quality / price ratio. In addition now, it is recyclable-environmentally friendly.

• But what is your choice? It depends on your tastes and the context in which you need to place the windows on the above performance yourself: it will always be at your disposal or our experienced craftsmen to help you make the right choice, where or quality meets the best prices for you.

• Color and surface.

The color of a window and the surface are combined in a huge range of options.

In PVC material you can have a choice surface in smooth, embossed, satin, sagre, thin textured surface or decoration with imitation colors with an image in a wood effect.

Embossed and satin surfaces are a separate brand of choice from the leading rehau and kommerling manufacturing plants or Styletech: and the processing is done directly in the window frame against the production, not with adhesive membranes. These or surfaces are beautiful aesthetics, scratch resistant and easy to clean and maintain: the embossed surfaces are more resistant to bad weather, the satin surfaces have a modern aesthetic, modern and pleasant to the touch.

The colors we apply are in the area of ​​white and gray.

The embossed surface of the window in a decorative coating in wood colors, reproduces the image of a window of solid wood in a very faithful way, for a window that is beautiful to see, durable and easy to clean, and with many combinations of colors, oak , chestnut, mahogany, oak, dark walnut, and light walnut.

At Styletech this result is achieved by producing the profile in Germany, with thermally sealed renolit membranes on the surface of the window, not just glued, with much higher results in terms of longevity and quality of the frames. In addition, for a homogeneous stable result, the entire frame of the window is uniformly painted in a similar shade to those of wood.

In the picture below you can easily appreciate a window decorated with wood color with a perfect result, which accurately reproduces the grains of wood and roses, with very realistic results.

With a close-up view of a window frame corner decorated with colors with wood effects and embossed surface, in oak wood color, which simulates the imprint of wood in a very realistic way.

In the window frame with aluminum profiles you have a wide variety of compact and modern colors (over 300), special demanding colors (eg metallic, sagre, suction, or sandblasting) and imitation in wood colors.

The full colors on the frames and on smooth surfaces give vitality and personality to each window.

The special special colors "play" with the sunlight, for a result, always different color effects at intervals during the day.

The paint colors in imitation of wood give at the same time the architectural perception on the facade of the building and a traditional look, with the strength of aluminum as a material.

It is always a high quality window frame, with surface properties in powder coatings, for a uniform and easy cleaning of the paint, which resists over time maintaining the original color in very satisfactory places, even in the darkest shades and especially colors such as metallic, sagre, wood and coastal treatments.

The shape of the profiles.

The shape of your windows, doors, windows and frames largely determines the classic or modern style of the window and is always the element that most characterizes the facade of the building.

Styletech offers different types and designs of a door and produces custom entrance frames to your measurements and with maximum security.

Based on our designs, you can have a classic door with rounded edges and soft construction lines, characteristic PVC entrance doors, or a beautiful classic door, but with designs in square outlines, decorative panels, features of aluminum entrances.

All traditional vintage doors can have just as thin profiles, which reduce the line on doors and perimeter windows, the window frame and give more brightness to the rooms.

But in Styletech you will not only find classic and modern lines: you can also choose special doors with industrial solid design and bold lines, with doors that reproduce and the typical elements of iron windows and general frames.

The windows and doors, designed with glass aesthetics, are a guarantee of a sure result: both in the models with folding pivot doors, which Styletech manages to produce and supply with the thinnest profiles you can find in the market, but also on doors with a global aesthetic of glass and enamel on the edges, axial and non-axial, for a minimalist and substantial style of a modern home.

In the image below, you can see the pivot frame glass model, with all the glasses and enamel on the edges, for a modern and minimalist style, with great brightness of space.

List of photos with details of a window, single or double leaf, black aluminum or pvc, modern, vintage and basic application style.

The frame is the fixed part of the door window and is attached to the outer masonry top and bottom.

You can choose from a variety of designs, for example, classic, which is very suitable for the style of facades of many buildings, or retractable, asymmetrical, completely hidden from the masonry, suitable for new buildings.

• Style details.

The exterior and interior of Styletech windows can be customized to the smallest detail.

For example, you can add special glasses to protect yourself from prying eyes of passers-by and neighbors.

They are available in various materials such as aluminum or pvc, on surfaces and colors, both for PVC frames and for aluminum.

You can import color shades to customize the window with a touch reminiscent of historic buildings, modern buildings, always available in different models, colors and finishes with great attention to detail.

• Reliable protection.

The exterior of the window or door is not only aesthetically pleasing but also provides the necessary protection: the option translates this view into solutions that protect you from intruders and unwanted visitors, from apparent elements, from prying eyes and even from annoying insects.

• Invasion protection.

Frames can also be an effective anti-invasion system. In fact, Styletech offers special security equipment with armor and hardened steel clamps, which serve to prevent the door from burglary tests.

This material is applied to every one of our anti-vandal frames, it is also available with security certifications and you can select the degree of protection of your windows, in similar test measurements, Rc 1,2,3, by entering a variable number of locking points from 12 up to 48 locking points, depending on the needs and location of your home.

Finally, with Styletech you can equip the window frame, single-leaf and double-leaf opening with key handles, special contrast plates, laminated intermediate safety glass and alarm contact sensors for windows and doors.

• Protection / heat

Everyone wants and everyone likes bright environments inside and outside the home, but too much light and too much heat can be annoying at times.

With Styletech you can have several solutions that reduce the hassle without sacrificing brightness but limiting unnecessary light.

For example, you can insert sunglasses into your windows, available with increasing glass brackets, depending on the climate, seasons, light and customized to your windows.

These energy special glasses have double, triple or quadruple insulating glass, in almost neutral or slightly reflective shades of transparent glass.

They are able to repel from 32% to 65% of the heat that hits the frame sheet and reduce light transmission from 14 to 42%.

In the image below you can see the options of active glass, solar control, with the visual effect it reflects and the progressive ability to shield from unnecessary light.

There are four different types of sunglasses shielded glass, with glass images that are examples of the tone and transparency of the glass as well as options for protection from light and heat as they grow.

Other possible solutions are:

• use windows with one or two sheets, combined with a Venetian roll inside

• the use of Venetian blind shades inside

• use rolls on or outside the window

• the use of folding roman type blinds

• the installation of sunscreens inside the windows

If additional protection from light and heat is your need, contact us: together we can study and find the best solution for your windows and the location of your home in a geographical direction, choosing the best window frame for you.

• Preventing unwanted looks.

Is there light without sacrificing privacy? With Styletech it is possible thanks to the choice of decorative glass, a solution that guarantees both elegance and brightness in your windows and doors.

With many shades of transparency and variations of the decoration of a glass, you can feel more protected from prying eyes and at the same time introduce a sophisticated element of decoration inside your frames.

You can also choose an interior Venetian blind roll: mounted on the inside sheet of the window, which easily adjusts the required light you want to insert and protects you from unnecessary solar reflections and prying eyes without obstructing the view from the inside out, and the brightness of the environment from the outside.

• Annoying insects.

Styletech windows can be easily combined with mosquito protection systems, fixed frame frames or screen doors that open for French doors or sliding mosquito nets, or horizontal plisse screens.

They offer you the quality of Styletech, in combination with other options, such as shutters of various types and shutters, as well as a wide variety of colors for both PVC and aluminum.

Outside the Styletech window: what can I do for you?

Choosing the possible combinations to get the best frame from the undisputed properties of Styletech windows requires special advice from a professional.

Contact us without the obligation to assess your needs and design a window tailored to you, with the best materials and genuine application components.

Can't go to our factory, or do you want to go to one of our stores? You can also find us at our exhibition at 1 Kifisias Avenue Maroussi: make an appointment with us and we will talk about your windows and frames, in a relaxed and informal environment.

In the store Styletech 210 2484454, or in the exhibition center 210 6810040, our specialist presents the Styletech windows, in collaborations with the top names in the field of frames such as: Rehau, Etem, Europa, Aluminco, there you will find all the information about choose your frames and with the latest news about frames.

I hope we have informed you enough.

Thanks in the next article.