Ready for use colors pvc

No cleaning and high strength.


The treatment of veneers in different colors of REHAU PVC eliminates the detachment with the continuous use of the quality control process and high-quality adhesives.

colors in synthetic PVC frames.

With a wide range of colors and multiple configurations in the frames made by STYLETECH PVC and conforming to standards, it is very easy to choose window frames in style and style, knowing that our windows visually reinforce both the interior and the facade of any home or office.

The high-quality PVC, the composite material used to create the famed smooth and refined finish on the REHAU PVC profiles, ensures that the windows will retain their unlimited appearance as the original.

Achievements with colors in synthetic PVC frames.

Chemical resistance and very strong surface.

REHAU PVC quality films, or STYLETECH, are easily cleaned with most commercially available detergents and non-corrosive cleaners, but for better results with special cleaning packages made available or STYLETECH by REHAU.

Due to its very low and specific surface tension, the low static structural elements of the REHAU PVC windows are repellents for dirt and dirt.

This eliminates any loss of surface color and the glow remains at initial factory levels during cleaning.

Excellent restoration with REHAU's special lotion with either STYLETECH.

Synthetic PVC Frames

Styletech PVC frames are available in a wide variety of colors.

All of Rehau's Decor are equipped with an innovative kaleido technology

Painted GENEO profile. Fan color chart with over 150 RAL colors.

The PVC aluminum foil used in paints co-ordinated in the REHAU PVC window systems is a specially shaped relief and elastic film with a high strength to cover even the most intense UV radiation in the southern European region, Asia-Pacific countries, with PVC treatments and prescriptions that they like and at the same time ensure the color stability in the interior and exterior envelope of the frames.

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