Full collection in colors and many shades for aluminum surfaces

Ready-to-use aluminum paints with special emphasis.

Complete and wide range of colors for aluminum.

Not only are our favorite colors that give a striking look to the ETEM EUROPA ALOUMINCO frames made by STYLETECH, even the favorite shade in the special colors of the catalog!

With a choice of over 300 colors for modern, traditional, architectural or subtle aluminum surfaces, we offer you maximum freedom of choice in the colors of Etem Europa Alouminco Rehau.

Full collection in colors and many shades for aluminum surfaces.

Aluminum Frames Color

Below are the colors you can paint your windows, windows and doors.

This color chart includes colors of partner companies Akzo Nobel, Inver, NEOKEM.

The colors of aluminum frames are divided into 5 categories, generally in RAL, MAT, SPECIAL EFECT and in detail: RAL colors glossy monochrome, MAT monochrome colors, Metallic and Textured.

Dark green, brown, red, or metallic?

Is the shape of the profile series harmoniously combined with the architectural frame or is it in contrast to the overall appearance of the facade?

The choice is yours but we offer you:

Thanks to 300 colors - including 252 colors RAL - ETEM EUROPA REHAU ALOUMINCO from the collection or STYLETECH, it offers you a wide variety of solutions to improve aluminum doors and windows in real frame.

For each style the appropriate shape and color shade.

The surfaces of aluminum frames are always beautiful and valuable.

STYLETECH uses high-quality powder coatings in collaboration with leading companies such as Etem, Europa, Alouminco, Aloumil, Rehau, which always ensure a uniform coloring even in corners and along the edges.

Aluminum surfaces are durable and in difficult conditions at seaside.

Aluminum as a material is lightweight and at the same time very durable and extremely stable.

This material resists the effects of bad weather and maintains its original stability at a very satisfactory level, regardless of the color we will apply, even when the test temperature exceeds 540 degrees.

Even the profiles of windows painted in dark colors with special dyes are not subject to deformations when they are very exposed to the sun.

Aluminum window frames typically require minimal maintenance.

Aluminum painted windows do not require or require little maintenance.

No special treatments and details are needed, and we do not need to repair them unless there is a great deal of damage to the surface.

The outside surface of the frames does not attract dust or dirt, nor is it significantly affected by atmospheric drops, so with simple materials found in supermarket shops, you can also clean the surface with a cloth.


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