Paints in wood colors and other colors for aluminum frames

Frames  and colors of windows: What are the new trends?

Frames and colors: What are the new trends?

We could talk for days about the colors of windows and doors.

Those who are preparing to buy windows and their windows in general, often choose only on the basis of combinations with the walls, with the furniture and furnishings of the house in general.

Following the new current trends is important, but not everyone knows that it is the final processing of the frames, accessories and profile that makes the real difference in durability, but also in the aesthetic result of the installation of the frames!

Matte, glossy paint of aluminum frames

Learn more about them by reading the article!

Today we are talking about finishing finishes, coloring, what colors are available for different materials ... in short, how to choose the color of the frames.

Finishes and paints for aluminum frames: paint and oxidation

Matte, glossy paint of aluminum frames

Aluminum oxidation frame painting

Stainless steel finishes and colors

How to choose the color of the windows?

Paints in wood colors and other colors for aluminum frames

Let's start with the materials, for which there is a huge possibility of painting and colors on the frames.

For example, for wooden frames and aluminum frames, the exterior can be painted in any color and the interior can have another color in the Ral color selection area.

By Ral color we mean a series of predefined colors: they are tables defined by a German setting. With these colors it is possible to paint in shades of wood, but also aluminum, steel and many other materials.

But let's go back to the colors for frames in wood color: the wood-aluminum frames can therefore be painted with the typical shades of the Ral series.

However, it is also possible to achieve a real wood effect, for example, to make the veins and roses visible from oak, cherry, chestnut.

In turn, these veins and roses can then be brushed, painted, processed, and get very different results.

Paints and paints for aluminum frames: paint and oxidation

Let's now turn to the types and colors of aluminum frames.

Aluminum can be painted mostly in original white, but it can be painted: opaque - as is usually the case with wood - or it can be glossy or matte.

What is the difference between these colors?

Matte, glossy and with a special color treatment of aluminum frames

The glossy color is easier to clean. when it is too bright it becomes a very thin coating.

However, even matte paint has the disadvantage of thinness, because it is more difficult to clean and may leave marks.

If we look at a matte color under a microscope, we see that everything is toothed, practically when light is refracted on the surface - having all these aspects - it is reflected inhomogeneously.

On the other hand, when the surface is very smooth and smooth - as smooth as the mirror - the light is refracted at the same angle and starts in the same direction.

This is why we perceive it as a mirror effect on glossy aluminum colors.

In addition, the matte finish is not just a visual effect: having all these jagged edges and all these resources, it stays a little rougher to the touch and is actually more durable.

Those with more sensitive skin feel it with a test by rolling their finger on the color.

But above all it is more difficult to clean, because the opaque surface is not as smooth as the glossy and semi-glossy (which themselves are cleaned) but with several pores.

Aluminum frame painting with oxidation type anodizing of colors.

In addition to coloring, aluminum can also be oxidized to acquire certain window colors.

Color oxidation is a different process from dyeing: instead of applying powder material over the aluminum (hence, with the addition) the aluminum is placed inside the tanks with caustic soda.

Here, with the help of electricity, it is colored according to the selected pigments.

Therefore, the staining does not take place by adding material (eg color), but by transferring the pigments to the frame structure.

In fact, during the oxidation process, the thickness of the aluminum decreases by a few tens in the paint, however, the material expands by a few tenths (or small, depending on the thickness of the paint).

Ready-to-use aluminum paints with special emphasis.

Complete and wide range of colors for aluminum.

Not only are our favorite colors that give a striking look to the ETEM EUROPA ALOUMINCO frames made by STYLETECH, even the favorite shade in the special colors of the catalog!

Ready-to-use aluminum paints with special emphasis

With a choice of over 300 colors for modern, traditional, architectural or subtle aluminum surfaces, we offer you maximum freedom of choice in the colors of Etem Europa Alouminco Rehau.

Full collection in colors and many shades for aluminum surfaces.

Aluminum Frames Color

Below are the colors you can paint your windows, windows and doors.

This color chart includes colors of partner companies Akzo Nobel, Inver, NEOKEM.

The colors of aluminum frames are divided into 5 categories, generally in RAL, MAT, SPECIAL EFECT and in detail: RAL colors glossy monochrome, MAT monochrome colors, Metallic and Textured.

Dark green, brown, red, or metallic?

Is the shape of the profile series harmoniously combined with the architectural frame or is it in contrast to the overall appearance of the facade?

The choice is yours but we offer you:

Thanks to 300 colors - including 252 colors RAL - ETEM EUROPA REHAU ALOUMINCO from the collection or STYLETECH, it offers you a wide variety of solutions to improve aluminum doors and windows in real frame.

For each style the appropriate shape and color shade.

The surfaces of aluminum frames are always beautiful and valuable.

STYLETECH uses high-quality powder coatings in collaboration with leading companies such as Etem, Europa, Alouminco, Aloumil, Rehau, which always ensure a uniform coloring even in corners and along the edges.

Aluminum surfaces are durable and in difficult conditions at seaside.

Aluminum as a material is lightweight and at the same time very durable and extremely stable.

This material resists the effects of bad weather and maintains its original stability at a very satisfactory level, regardless of the color we will apply, even when the test temperature exceeds 540 degrees.

Even the profiles of windows painted in dark colors with special dyes are not subject to deformations when they are very exposed to the sun.

Aluminum window frames typically require minimal maintenance.

Aluminum painted windows do not require or require little maintenance.

No special treatments and details are needed, and we do not need to repair them unless there is a great deal of damage to the surface.

The outside surface of the frames does not attract dust or dirt, nor is it significantly affected by atmospheric drops, so with simple materials found in supermarket shops, you can also clean the surface with a cloth.

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