Easy RAL series in colors with many combinations.

RAL colors for Aluminum

Research, technology, environmental sensitivity and great creativity.

The window has a wide range of colors, designed and selected to meet the most demanding requirements of each customer, in terms of appearance and performance.

We have gathered in a folder a selection of the most popular and sought-after finishes: from glossy or matte varnishes, to pastel and metallic colors, to vintage and oxidized.

RAL colors for Aluminum

Fast delivery times are guaranteed with these colors.

With the selected finishes you will have the freedom to choose the most suitable color for the style of your home, with the possibility of choosing different shades for the interior and exterior of your doors and windows, the maximum freedom of expression of your style.

Excellent quality

To ensure the best result, surface checks are performed on each profile first of all on the raw material, to determine the presence of creases or defects in the extrusion.

After the repair, if required, the aesthetic properties of the finish are checked, such as the shade, gloss and thickness of the film, and chemical and mechanical strength tests of the finish are carried out.

These tests are performed both in series and on the painting system, and offline, sampling the batches of production.

Based on the results of the tests after the surface treatment, then geometric checks are performed and finally, in the packaging phase, before the packaging, a further verification of the shade and thickness.

Excellent quality is a given, thanks to the result of a great experience and knowledge of raw materials.

Color certifications.

All processed materials are also subjected to precise production and laboratory testing, in accordance with the specifications of QUALICOAT, QUALIDECO and SEASIDE products certified by international certified organizations.

Easy RAL series in colors with many combinations.

RAL paint on windows is a term currently used almost exclusively to define a normalized shade guide used mainly in the field of aluminum paints and coatings in general.

There are two classic RAL shades, the RAL 840-HR for opaque colors that include 213 colors and the RAL 841-GL for bright colors that include 196 colors.

The RAL 840 was introduced around 1927 with 40 original color samples, and there are currently 30 of them, out of a total of about 2,000 defined colors.

The RAL color classification consists of 4 digits, the first of which determines the main color rating:

In the table below we have the most common colors in basic color bases:

1xxx yellow: from RAL 1000 greenish beige to RAL 1034 yellow pastel

2xxx orange: from RAL 2000 yellowish orange to RAL 2013 orange pearl

3xxx red: from RAL 3000 bright red to RAL 3031 red

4xxx violet: from RAL 4001 red lilac to RAL 4012 pearl

5xxx blue: from RAL 5000 purple blue to RAL 5026 pearl night blue

6xxx green: from RAL 6000 green skates to RAL 6038 bright green

7xxx gray: from RAL 7000 vaio gray to RAL 7048 pearl gray mouse

8xxx coffee: from RAL 8000 greenish brown to RAL 8029 copper pearl

9xxx white / black: from RAL 9001 white cream to RAL 9023 dark gray pearl

 All colors in our catalogs are associated with the palette and the name

How to Choose the Color of Your Frames and Window Shutters

One of the first things we do when we renovate the house, the office, or we make an initial purchase of frames in a newly built building, we must decide from the beginning the design, typology, and color of the frames, at the same time it is to choose the style of the frames and the accessories that surround them.

All colors in our catalogs

The color scale in each sample ranges from beige to red, from amarant to blue ultramarine, and in many other colors for aluminum paints.

Do not miss the shades of green and gray to different types of black and white with a wide variety of Etem, Rehau, Europa, Alouminco, Aloumil, Kbe, Alouplast, Exalco.

 All colors in our catalogs are associated, together with the palette and the name, with the RAL, sable, raff, inox code, that is an identification code for the correct color determination that we want to choose in our frames.

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