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Somfy TaHoma - Smart Home

Smart House

The "smart home" becomes a reality with Somfy's TaHoma system

Somfy, the world's number-one company in home and building automation and automation, has now developed and marketed a new complete wireless home appliance management system, expanding its services to an emerging and promising field of applications, which aim at simplifying and upgrading the quality of modern lifestyle.

It is the pioneering TaHoma system, which offers the professional and consumer a complete and reliable solution package for flexible, remote and centralized control of all devices or systems available to a home or business.

Through TaHoma's special applications for smartphones, tablets, and PCs, the system operator can control and remotely control shading, access, security, lighting, heating, and so on. And all thanks to the TaHoma device, which uses the home or business internet wirelessly connects all connected home/building devices with the TaHoma interface.

This environment supports the linkage of the entire range of compatible Somfy products and many other TaHoma compatible products.

Also, using "smart" sensors makes it possible to drastically reduce energy consumption in space.

Thus, energy savings are added to the comparative advantages of the TaHoma system, along with security-protection, flexibility, and functionality-usability. TaHoma was designed to make life simpler and easier, releasing it from everyday constraints.

for unique moments of life ...

At your own pace!

TaHoma® makes your home more comfortable, more secure and economical. Electric shutters, awnings, lights, heating, gates, and garage doors are connected and can be managed from home or away from it.

TaHoma is designed to make your life more comfortable. You are released from your daily limitations through this sophisticated, easy-to-use device that fits your lifestyle!

I use TaHoma® easily ...

• From the Home screen, supervise your entire home

• With 3 menus. manage operations with simplicity

TaHoma®, Compatible with all Somfy products!

One of the great advantages of TaHoma is compatibility

with over 100 Somfy products ...

Comfort, safety, energy saving

The choice of TaHoma® guarantees your peace of mind

Perfect comfort

The suitable temperature on Sundays, ideal lighting in the afternoons, the gates that automatically turn off as soon as you leave the house ... TaHoma® assumes your comfort.

Safety at all times

Having TaHoma at home means that I can have cameras and sensors to keep up to date. Take control of your home even if you are missing out on it!

With the economy as well

Combine heating and electric shutters to save energy. Home automation provides sensors that automatically control the opening and closing of your shutters according to the level of sunshine.

Choose certified security for your home

- For TaHoma®, Somfy chose the two secure wireless technology standards, RTS and io-home-control

• TaHoma® is SySS-certified, a high-safety index.

The guarantees from a global company

• - Our products are designed in France at the R & D center at the cutting edge of technology

• Tests and tests according to the strictest criteria that guarantee quality, performance, and durability.

• Our products meet the strictest requirements of current standards.

The TaHoma coach to help you!

• - STYLETECH.sa has developed a training program to help you in every step of the way you design TaHoma for your home.

• - An exclusivity of STYLETECH.sa & somfy!

Products that can be attached to TaHoma®

Technologies and compatibility

Somfy's wireless technologies make it easy for you to manage your home, providing you with more comfort and security.

Electrically driven products communicate with each other wirelessly using embedded radio waves. This means that the equipment can be grouped and controlled collectively by remote control or automation solutions.

Our scalable systems allow you to add equipment as your needs and budget evolve without interrupting the initial installation.

Now is the time to go to a connected home, while maintaining the original integrated look of the system.