External Thermal Insulation & Wall Insulation


External Thermal Insulation & Wall Insulation


OUTDOOR THERMALIZATION - External Thermal Insulation & Heat Insulation

External Thermal Insulation, also known as a thermal face or shell, is the thermal insulation of the walls of your home.

External Thermal Insulation

In your mind you can have the external thermal insulation, like a jacket, we wear in our house, all around its sides.

This way your home is protected from heat and cold, and your stay in your home is more enjoyable than ever, and your heating and cooling costs are greatly reduced.

Your benefits are maximized if you use our complete external thermal insulation system.

For the ultimate insulating material and the integrated thermal insulation system, we guarantee you!

External thermal insulation is the only solution for energy upgrading, thermal insulation, but also for renovation of old buildings, while in recent years it has replaced conventional insulation, as it has several advantages.

For those who do not know or have not yet been convinced of the benefits of external thermal insulation, we will introduce them below. Most of these are greatly expanded when used for the external thermal insulation of your walls, use 3rd generation insulating material

Protection of the wearer

By making external thermal insulation, its thermal insulation capacity and its very low water absorption protect the load from thermal stresses and condensation.

Energy saving

After the thermal insulation of your home, you will notice a significant difference and a truly spectacular insulating effect.

This is due to two key features.

Firstly, thermal insulation eliminates the thermal bridges from the contact points of the beams and the brackets with the wall.

For those who do not know, thermal bridges are the places where thermal insulation is interrupted and is an important source of heat loss.

The second and important feature is that the basic principle is applied, which says "Thermal insulation is more efficient when placed on the outside of the building."

This way, you achieve a reduction in 45-60% current consumption, both for cooling in the summer and for heating in the winter.

At the same time, you are generally upgrading the building as well as your living standard, as you now live comfortably in your home.

Added value in the building

When you apply external thermal insulation to the walls of your home, you automatically upgrade your building energy, and you are making an investment that adds value to it.

In fact, according to the European Directive 2002/91 / EC, all buildings will acquire an energy identity based on total energy consumption (kWh / m²).

Keep in mind that buildings that do not meet the relevant standards will not be the property of buying or leasing, while buildings with a high energy class will have a significantly increased commercial value.

Window insulation and weather protection

By applying external thermal insulation to the walls of your home, you protect it externally from moisture and rainwater, and the inside does not allow the growth of mold.

Besides, it protects your walls from changes in outdoor temperature, keeping your home interior cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Saving space

As stated at the beginning of the text, the external thermal insulation of the walls differs from the conventional, where the double masonry is placed.

So, avoiding a double exterior wall, we save space on the inside of the house, about 6%, which we can use in many ways.

Renovation and excellent results in existing buildings

Applying the system of external thermal insulation, we do not just heat insulation in our house, but at the same time, we renovate it (its facades), while we also paint a painting of our choice when installing the chromosome.

So for existing buildings, the results are even more spectacular and making external thermal insulation at the same time has other benefits.

Untapped architectural choices

In addition to saving space inside the house and refurbishing old homes, the application of external thermal insulation offers you unlimited freedom to design architectural designs, as well as the choice of colors and finishes.

Guarantee for cracks, molds, and cracks

Although we have already referred to the mold problem, we must emphasize that the terrible elastomeric and durable