Aluminum and U-pvc frames, certified systems

STYLETECH.SA Aluminum and U-pvc frames, certified systems Aluminum and U-PVC frames, certified systems .

Three more certificates for its systems are measured by STYLETECH, following the latest tests on air-permeability, water tightness and resistance to wind pressure. Initially, a single-sided flush-mounted ETEM, REHAU, ALOUMINCO series glass door was placed, measuring 2305 (Y) x2000 (mm) mm, with simple rollers and brush.

The procedure was carried out with the following sequence: - Airborne measurement - Watertightness measurement - Bending arrow measurement (deformation) - Cycle loading.

Application of 50 pressure-vacuum cycles - Repeat airspace measurement to see if the sample achieves the initial results (thus it has not suffered permanent deformations that change its categorization)