Good life on your porch with somfy

 8.The good life on your porch

The good life on your porch

The pergola has many advantages. Open or closed, it is attractive and comfortable, more accessible than a patio and more durable than sunbathing ... allows you to enjoy your patio to the fullest.

Installation of a mechanism in a pergola

Life is in constant motion!

Whatever type of pergola you choose ...

Somfy has a solution for every kind of pergola.

Why do you have to install a mechanism on your pergola?

You can easily manipulate power-operated pergolas from the control device or the remote control. The shades are lowered, opened and can be adjusted when necessary to adjust the shade and sunshine as desired.

The + for the Somfy motors

Perfect, soft closing Mechanism and fabric hold more.

Adjustments are maintained, the electrical cloth is always fully stretched - Attractive design. - Helps drain water.

The motor stops if a barrier is detected The cloth and the motor stop.

The motor stops automatically when the fabric is stretched The machine is protected.

You are ready for a fully connected house with home-motion technology.

Innovation, services, warranty ... It's not just a pergola!

Embedded Intelligence

• - The radiator motor adds a touch of intelligence to your home!

• - Once the first power-driven product is installed, everything can change.

• - Add a remote control or an automatic unit to synchronize your rolls with other Somfy products,

• Install the TaHoma device to manage your home through a computer, tablet or smartphone and more.

The best thing technology can offer

• - Somfy's electric drives are equipped with the latest technology: io-homecontrol®.

• - These devices are even safer with reliable radio technology.

• - Send you information so you can control what's going on without having to move.

• - They are used by larger homeowners for maximum compatibility.

 The warranty you have from an international company

• - The products are designed in France at a Research and Development Center which is a pioneer in innovation.

• - The products have been tested and tested and meet the most stringent criteria to guarantee quality, performance and life expectancy.

• - They meet the strictest market security standards.