Sliding - Tilting Roto Patio S / Z alouminioum

Sliding - Tilting Roto Patio S / Z alouminioum

Roto Patio S / Z alouminioum

They are applied to normal profiles ensuring excellent sealing with the presence of rubber perimeter of the sheet and excellent operation of a high level of safety through the mechanism securing the sheet perimeter.

An integrated program of sliding-reclining mechanisms that make the most of your space.

Roto Patio INOWA

With a perimeter locking mechanism that ensures high water and air permeability standards combined with a high level of safety.

For sheet weight up to 200 Kg it meets all modern needs.

With the smart Patio INOWA system, Roto created a new category of sliding mechanisms that fills the gap between simple slides (In Line) and slides (Lift & Slide) in the best way.

Smart design and high know-how have made the Patio INOWA mechanism feature: Comfortable operation with simple handle movements.

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