Pvc and Aluminum arched frames in lot of colors

Pvc and Aluminum arched frames in lot of colors

Pvc and Aluminum arched frames in lot of colors.

These windows are very common in ancient buildings located in the historic centers of the most famous cities and have many positive aspects, first and foremost to allow greater and better lighting of the interiors.
The need for this intervention was to widen the spaces of the house by closing an existing verandah with doors and windows.
Pvc and Aluminum arched frames 1
For this home, customers have chosen Rehau curved frames.
The type of arched frames was formed in French type, with 2 openable doors, and 2 lateral fixed doors.
There is also a French window with a round bow, made with only 1 door and also formed by opening a sheet.
The color of the shutters, with Rehau, Europa, Etem, Alouminco frames, is imitation like real wood in walnut wood and was chosen to match the Styletech.sa frame finish.
The installation of the windows was done with heat-laden strips to ensure the thermo-acoustic performance of the installed products.
Arched windows, however, are not so widespread because their implementation is particularly complex:
Pvc and Aluminum arched frames
Depending on the type of arch, the profiles of the windows that are produced industrially must be bent by the use of special machinery to adapt to the required shape, and this may require considerable financial investment.
For this reason, most of these types of equipment are manufactured by a small number of small craft businesses, often family-owned like us.
The arched frames can also be called curved windows because, for their construction, a temporary wooden structure or special forms were used, where the ribbing, on which the slabs were gradually placed, was applied for the specific frames of the frames.
In addition to arched windows, we also produce all types of window frames in selected colors and designs, chosen by the customer, which fit into the placement and design of each building and architectural design.
The types that can be manufactured are:

 Fixed arched windows in Pvc and aluminum.

 Pvc and aluminum arched windows.

 Fixed aluminum windows.

 Aluminum arched windows.

 Fixed Pvc and Aluminum Aluminum Archs.

 Door with fixed and open arch.

 Door with 2 doors with open and stable arch.

 Pvc and aluminum shutters for arched frames.

 Pvc and aluminum shutters for arched fixed frames.

 Fixed mosquito nets for arched frames.

 All derivatives such as triangles, trapezoids, diamonds, and many more.

 Railings for armchairs and ...

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