KÖMMERLING 76 MD AluClip zero

KÖMMERLING  76 MD AluClip zero

KÖMMERLING frame 76 MD AluClip zero

Pvc frames KÖMMERLING 76 MD AluClip zero

AluClip Zero - the design variant for the KÖMMERLING 76 system is available in three versions.

Unique in the market, mounted on rolls and consisting of almost glass, glass and classic wood and aluminum plates. In this version, the glass window is at the same level as the fixed window. Compatibility is also a high priority for this product: in fact, all the important elements of the KÖMMERLING 76 system can be used.

AluClip Zero is applicable across a range of 76mm systems specifically for complex architectural projects and its advantages can withstand the appearance of aluminum as important as the functional advantages of PVC.

This PVC window system combines the best of both materials into one single component.

Externally, aluminum cladding offers virtually unlimited color design capabilities, while inside PVC profiles guarantee reduced maintenance, high dimensional stability and reliable functionality.

This system is also an ecological example - KÖMMERLING was the first manufacturer in the world to produce profiles not only with recycled PVC in virgin windows but also exclusively with PVC with "green" calcium and zinc-based stabilizers.

This means that even those who use KÖMMERLING products work to protect the environment.



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