Opening - Reclining

Opening - Reclining


Modern design for an expandable mechanism system - the Roto Modular System - ensures that it adapts perfectly to all manufacturers' requirements, ensuring exceptional flexibility in the manufacturing process.

The high quality Roto NT open-tilt mechanism is fully compatible with all synthetic PVC profiles for frames.

Roto's high know-how and decades of experience have resulted in a system of mechanisms that prioritize safety and flawless operation and with a 10-year warranty that effectively covers both high architectural requirements and multiple modern operating needs.

Roto NT Designo

Roto's extensive know-how ensures both the Roto NT Designo's smooth operation over time, even in high-performance frames as it covers up to 150 Kg.

The ever-increasing aesthetic requirements for modern housing make the Roto NT Designo hidden mechanism system the best solution.

The Roto NT Designo mechanism with our invisible hinges eliminates the need to use hinge covers ensuring great flexibility and high aesthetic effect.

Roto NT Designo includes components for all synthetic PVC profiles - frames

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