Open Reclining Aluminum Frame Thermo, ETEM 75

Open Reclining Aluminum Frame Thermo, ETEM 75


The heavy duty ETEM 75 is the most powerful and inviolable stable and open aluminum thermal insulation system from ETEM and is designed to meet all the needs, difficulties and modern requirements of a building, office, shop, home, with highly improved insulation features for the user.

It stands out for its robust construction, advanced technology and impeccable aesthetics. It has nothing to be jealous of, and without the slightest difference from the most sophisticated aluminum system in the world, it does not exceed the budgeted cost in proportion to its properties as one of the great thermal aluminum systems.

Thanks to its unique features, such as multi-chambered EPDM tires and 39 mm special design polyamides, internal insulation rods, the E75 has excellent thermal insulation properties (Uf = 1.4 W / m2) and meets the most stringent frame requirements. with great demands and qualities.
aluminum windows frames opening tilt and turn etem 75

Functional, very stable, highly robust, beautiful and complete with regard to the types of openings and options available, the ETEM 75 system offers the choice of a wide variety of profiles for the construction of specific constants, curves and factors as well as straight profiles for doors and windows warm in profiles and with application by STYLETECH.

With the width of the ETEM 75 aluminum profiles ranging from 1.6 mm to 2.5 mm, it is specially designed for doors that are heavily used and strained.

Opened ETEM 75, is a thermal system that offers as we said all the advantages of a large aluminum thermal insulation system for small to large frames in an economical way in its class and above all perfect application along with the installation by STYLETECH workshops.

Classic design of the ETEM 75 thermal straight line system.

The basic dimensions of the ETEM 75 thermo are 75 mm wide sheet and fixed frame-sheet height of only 106 mm which make it unique in the category of flawless systems.

The ETEM 75 Heat Exchanger is a 85mm and 98mm sheet cross section system (both for straight and derivatives and pomp profiles, respectively) that is manufactured and meets all quality standards and indicators and is certified as all other systems meet the most stringent requirements. European standards in the upper class.

The ETEM 75 system offers a wide range of accessories and accessories designed by ETEM at the same time and as in other systems ETEM guarantees long lasting functionality and durability always with STYLETECH.

Finally, the above features, combined with the ability to use multiple locking mechanisms and one or both parts to allow sex to move, make the ETEM 75 an ideal solution for replacing old and new aluminum windows in all typologies and needs from STYLETECH.

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