The EUROPA 8500 Thermo aluminum frame series

The EUROPA 8500 Thermo aluminum frame series

The EUROPA 8500 Thermo aluminum frame series,

very economical, perfect thermal insulation opening system with simple straight design lines. 

It was designed for opening frames that offer absolute insulation from any sound and temperature, with an emphasis on modern aesthetics and functionality.

It has security systems in a simple or perimeter locking mechanism.

The thermal insulation of EUROPA 8000 Thermo profiles is achieved by using 20 mm polyamides in sheet and frame.

It was designed to work with the EUROPA 8000 Thermo sliding system when in the same space.

A wide range of components from all major European companies covers every type of system construction.

• Drawing profiles with straight lines.

• It has three sheet sizes (small, medium, large).

• It has three frame sizes (small, medium, large).

• Three rows of tires between frame and sheet for complete waterproofing.

• Possibility to install double or triple glazing up to 44mm for high levels of thermal and sound insulation.

• Profiles with the possibility of using a perimeter locking mechanism for maximum security are available.

• Specially designed rubber perimeter of the glass for optimal thermal insulation and waterproofing.

• Ability to combine with EUROPA 8000 Thermo for complex constructions

Summary technical data:

EUROPA 8000 Thermo opening system.

Possibility of Perimeter Locking Mechanism.

It bears typology certificates for air permeability, water tightness and wind resistance.

In addition, it is certified for thermal insulation with a thermal conductivity coefficient of profiles with Uf of 2.5 W / (m2K) according to the certificate of the German notified laboratory Ift Rosenheim.

Waterproofing with three rows of tires.

Thermal insulation of profiles using 20mm polyamides in the guides.

Possibility of double or triple glazing up to 44mm.

Use: Open doors and windows of any typology (with or without reclining), complex constructions, etc.)



• Entrance doors.

• Open (with or without reclining) windows of any typology.

• Fixed Glass Shops.

• Complex constructions.

Opening windows with profiles for perimeter lock.


QUALICOAT: Certification of electrostatic painting process.

EKANAL: Certification in air permeability, water tightness and resistance to wind pressure.

IFT Rosenheim: Certification of thermal conductivity, air permeability, water tightness and resistance to wind pressure.

DTI: Certification of thermal conductivity.


• Aluminum alloy: EN AW 6060 T66

• Hardness: 12 Webster

• Minimum paint thickness: 75μm

• Profile thickness: 1.4-2mm

• Tolerance of dimensions according to: EN 12020-02

• Case dimensions: 54mm x 50mm

• Glass Sheet Dimensions: 62mm x 63mm

• Glass sheet glazing thickness: 14-44mm

• Polyamide width: 20mm

• Frame Thermal Transmittance Factor: Uf = 2.3-3.2 W / (m2K)

• Maximum perimeter sheet size (LxW): 1.0m x 2.3m

• Maximum simple sheet dimensions (LxW): 0.9m x 2.3m

• Maximum weight of perimeter sheet: 140 Kgr

• Maximum single sheet weight: 100 Kgr

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