Heavyweight aluminum heavy duty rolls with large punching

Heavyweight aluminum heavy duty rolls with large punching

Heavy-duty aluminum heavy duty rolls with great drilling

The new roll with a large, very large punch is one of the solutions that satisfy even the most demanding customer and STYLETECH, as one of the leading companies in the production and distribution of synthetic and aluminum products, with all the series in open and sliding systems, successfully implements the ideal shading systems of the hidden type and offers a complete solution to the roll systems.

Heavy-duty aluminum heavy duty rolls with great drilling

The Research & Development Department of our company, in the light of the increasing customer needs for more light and air, and following the latest market trends, with STYLETECH exclusive manufacturing, completed a set of rolled shutters with a management system , both in and out of the building, in thermal and non-roll valves, which complement STYLETECH's cabinets, and are perfectly compatible with those in the rest of the market.

These innovative rolls are also characterized by minimal lines, they achieve very good indicators, thermal insulation and sound insulation and silent operation, and incorporate state-of-the-art automation technologies by installing window frames from our company.

Each individual roll is a special reinforced construction (facilitating its transport and placement) and is ideal for covering large openings and placing on top and not only in open window frames as well as sliding, even with triple guides .

Our new proposals are also complemented by two new series of extruded massifs and motorized motors.

The one row in the leaflets, features straight lines of absolute robustness, and the other series is a modern new design with high transparency and comfortable ventilation and interior lighting.

Particularly for our outer shutters, which have no influence on the thermal insulation of the frame, it has been designed and given the possibility of applying a roll box with a built-in screen, in its own dimensions and typologies.

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