Inox rails for terraces and balconies

Inox rails for terraces and balconies

Inox rails for terraces and balconies  

STYLETECH Factory of Steel Structures and Wrought Iron Works.

For more than 30 years, our company provides iron railings for verandas, balconies, fencing, stairs, lofts, folding doors and windows, ramps, special for disabled persons, shutters, iron grilles, armored doors, gates, thermal windows, aluminum frames, armored frames, PVC windows, railings, mosquito nets, iron cabinets and many other types of iron, all made according to our designs and tailored to your needs.

Inox rails for terraces and balconies

Our strength lies in direct customer interest, with personal assistance from our staff, we provide free advice, assessments, possible inspections, and provide the customer with the right material and impeccable assembly, ensuring a perfect result also in helping future.

Specialists in iron processing in Athens and not only.

All STYLETECH products are of high quality and are manufactured with the best possible materials on the market.

STYLETECH's workshop, thanks to its technical expertise and the use of the best technological equipment, ensures that they fully design and propose the most appropriate solutions for your needs.

STYLETECH, from all iron work, such as iron railings and fibrous and fiber-type railings, to armored doors, windows, gates, provides you with the right offer and is ready to fulfill even the most demanding and demanding specific requests.

We also work on large construction sites or private homes.

Here you will find these products:

Hand-crafted and specially designed railings, shutters, armored doors, pedestals and pedestrian doors, interior and exterior railings.

The laboratory is equipped with excellent machinery and specialists, especially craftsmen specializing in iron and steel.

We produce classic or modern products, both for large projects and for individual houses and spaces.

Excellent and quality value for money.

What are we doing:

Our production covers 90% of the entire home security and home security items such as security rails, window frames, doors and gates, balconies, railing, doors, kiosks, handrails, furniture accessories, garden and carpentry items metals.


Garage doors and gates for houses.

To make your home a classy place where you can feel the atmosphere and peace, STYLETECH's people will produce various models of gates in the iron and steel industry in a form, traditional, artistic or customizable through the program, at every request.

Our creations were born by the will and the skilled staff and a renewed history in the handicraft tradition that identifies us and makes us unique in love, creativity, adjustment, and result in the industry.

We STYLETECH we produce in an unbeatable quality / price logic, because we have been active in the industry for several years with the same zeal.

Balcony railings and balconies.

Also, in the production of railings, fences or balconies in style, we follow the line of taste, with finesse and simplicity, but also with the variety and versatility of the styles we choose separately for each of you, in order for the company to offer a product which is in perfect harmony with her and customers.

We build cantilever systems on balconies and railings, classic, fashionable, and in flower, vintage, Victorian, island and mixed designs.

All our products are CE certified. Our partners are certified with various up-to-date certificates.


PRODUCTS CHARACTERISTICS: Steel Structures and Wrought Iron Works.

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