Railings railings folding

Railings railings folding

 Folding railings

The rails are foldable in different models, articulated, fixed, sliding, joined, always packed and the latest versions and discoveries in the systems that can be wound up.

On this page we will explain in detail how sliding collapsible fuseholders and their rods are made, and how they work.

How are sliding folding railings made?

A good railing should be comfortable to open and pack it in a relatively small space, with the main parts being:

Lower driver, can be fixed or lifted, depending on the choice we choose.

 Folding railings

Folding railings.

Calmness should be a non-negotiable element in the home, but unfortunately nowadays we know that it does not always happen, not every time we consider it necessary.

We have been trying all these years to help you protect your environment and family by creating personalized folding railings to ensure that safety and aesthetics are always met, but also aesthetics always in the foreground.

They can be fastened very easily and firmly, opened, slid or retracted, of various shapes, of any color, opening both inwards and outwards using materials of excellent quality and durability, decorating your home while maintaining the overall brightness in your windows and doors.

The lower sliding or lift guide is very comfortable in the French shutter type windows, because lifting it does not create an obstacle when the door-rail is folded open.

The upper guide has a U-shape inverted and it is the one that supports the weight of the railing with the appropriate bracket, the rollers of the folding rails run into it.

Grid and / or collection, the central part of the railing consists of transversely positioned solid profiles which form an extensible type pantograph.

It is the lateral vertical profile fixed to the wall, which can be equipped with hinges to rotate out our foldable railing.

Lock type, with 2 or 3 locking points, opens with a key, in the form of a safe or chest, which can be unified, ie with one key you can open all the folding bars of the house.

Download and print the complete technical sheetlet of Styletech.sa drawers with detailed technical description, technical drawings, overall dimensions and possible applications, in simple RAL or even special colors.

Obviously the retractable folding railings are made of galvanized solid iron and can be painted in any color of your choice RAL, with accuracy in dimensions and typologies, for each of you individually.

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