Ready-made aluminum frames, Fully made

Ready-made aluminum frames, Fully made

For professionals winows and doors ready-made ETEM -EUROPA

Ready-made  windows frame

Styletech proudly belongs to the large family of aluminum manufacturers and synthetic pvc frames in our country.

Companies such as Etem, Europa, Aluminco, Rehau, which have over 50 years of experience in aluminum and pvc extrusion.

This fact, combined with the modern structure and European design, means that you have a ready-made product, a ready-made aluminum frame or synthetic pvc, which not only looks good but can withstand the demanding weather conditions of our country.

The traditional idea of ​​a "protection wall" that keeps the heat and cold out of the house is not new.

Respectively in a house the most common barrier of protection is insulation.

The windows, windows and doors are called "Thermal Break".

Like insulation, it helps to stop heat from escaping, making your home hot or cold from entering.

The new aluminum or pvc windows showed 36% improved ("u" value) thermal performance compared to one of its standard competitors.

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Pvc window designs, and typology.

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Offer & order aluminum windows in 3 easy steps:

1. Choice of style 2. Customization 3. Order

Fully made ready-made windows and aluminum door frames available only for delivery in the mainland * High-security multi-point locking system without maintenance, complete, with a 10-year warranty.

Why should you choose ready-made frames, aluminum windows?

Having established strong relationships with some of the best suppliers, as manufacturers of aluminum windows in the country, we provide a wide range of ready-made doors and aluminum windows with a special discount, which will transform your modern or traditional property and "dress" it with the new ones. your frames.

Available in RAL color, the nominal energy-ready aluminum power windows also feature a perimeter locking system, with high safety knobs, thermal break from polyamide and a 10-year warranty.

The locks of ready-made frames, doors and aluminum windows are also designed by us, to maximize safety, so you can sleep peacefully at night knowing that you and your family are always safe and healthy.

Made to your liking, after measurement, and designed to meet your specific requirements, all ready-made aluminum and pvc frames, doors and windows made of thin aluminum profiles are available in options: single-leaf window, double-leaf and window leaf, three-leaf windows, as well as a number of different designs, typologies and colors, glass options, material colors and opening options, series and knob.

We also offer ready-made aluminum frames, but also synthetic and a number of additives designed to further improve the functionality of your windows, for each need and individually for each of you, including: air ducts, mounting kits, thermal upgrade, energy glass and fire escape hinges (emergency exit).

Our professional installation service is also available for our ready-made aluminum windows in Athens and throughout Greece.

For the prices of ready-made aluminum windows, contact us today!

What are the advantages of ready-made windows and aluminum doors?

Modern frames, thermally efficient ready-made aluminum windows are an aesthetically appealing, cost-effective way of replacing wood that does not work or generally older windows.

With hundreds of ideas and styles of ready-made aluminum frames, windows and aluminum doors available for order, our extensive range of frames includes an architectural window design system that matches all the other aluminum products we produce.

But what are the advantages of ready-made aluminum windows? In recent years, aluminum energy windows have grown in popularity for a variety of reasons, stability and appearance.

Overcoming all the energy efficiency ratings of aluminum frames, our products are relatively low maintenance, ie very durable, affordable and offer exceptional flexibility in terms of final design and finish.

They also have a long lifespan of up to 45 years, making them a good investment, where quality meets good prices.

Explore and discover our ready-made windows and ready-made aluminum and online doors!

Adaptation of thin minimal window profiles, aluminum doors.

Thermal performance windows and aluminum doors are available in a wide variety of designs and typologies, which means that you can choose a unique style that will complement and enhance your traditional or modern property with new ideal frames.

Custom-made windows, such as aluminum windows, also have special designs, minimal aluminum window profiles, allowing you to choose ready-made energy-efficient aluminum home windows that will enhance the architectural structure of your property, and will take you back in time. your money.

We provide 135 styles of ready-made windows and aluminum or pvc doors and after choosing the most suitable design for your property, then you will be able to fully adapt the new ready-made windows and aluminum doors but also synthetics for your home.

Personalized service will allow you to choose a color preference, a glass design from options, as well as a range of energy support glass options, including 100% clear, gas and more.

 We make special wholesale prices for professionals, engineers and technical offices.



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