"EUROPA 600"

 EUROPA 600 keeps your space perfectly warm in winter

Aluminum windows with sliding thermal insulation and sound insulation europa 600

Where the demanding climatic conditions require particular heat-insulating properties, the EUROPA 600 series maintains your space perfectly warm in winter and cool in the summer with the innovative Thermal Breaking method that isolates the exterior from the interior surface of the frame.

Modern design responds perfectly to all constructions and offers complete thermal insulation, safety, robustness, functionality.

technical description

The "EUROPA 600" series is a sliding thermosetting system, which is suitable for the construction of sliding and recessed frames.

The series consists of (6) basic profiles, while we also use profiles from the "EUROPA 2000" series to meet construction needs.

The sound heat dissipation in the profiles is achieved by adding resin to the specially shaped chamber and then separating them from a 5 mm cutting disc.

It accepts single or multiple lock locks for greater security and snap fittings to enhance aesthetics.

Provides the possibility of installing glass panes up to 26 mm thick.

The profiles are processed on the PIEJA special press 600.

There is also a full range of accessories available from PROFIL ACCESSORIES to dealers.


Series: EUROPA 600

Material: Al Mg Si 0.5 F22

Dimensional tolerances according to: EN 12020-2

Classification: Water tightness E3, Air tightness A2, Resistance to air V2A, Thermal permeability Κ= 2,73w / m2 * k and weighted sound insulation index La = 37dB.

Crystal thickness: Accepts glass panes up to 26 mm thick.

Basic dimensions of the system:

Glass sheet: 41 mm wide and 93.6 mm high.

Sheet sheet: 41 mm wide and 88 mm high.

Double Guide: 110.8 mm wide and 48 mm high.

Triple Guide: 131.3 mm wide and 48 mm high.

The leaf scroll centers in the double guide are 57.7 mm and the triple guide 39.6 mm.

The driver's head has a circular cross-section and a width of 15.2 mm.

The leaf clearance between the heads in the rolling guides is 21.2 mm.


The system allows for the construction of sliding windows such as ladders or recesses, etc.

It has a complete range of components that perfectly cover all constructions.

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