Choose with us the appropriate frames for your space

Choose with us the appropriate frames for your space

the appropriate frames for your space

Learn with us in this article.

The right recipe for energy-efficient glass windows in aluminum frames and synthetic pvc.

Glasses for PVC frames

With the great happiness of people and businesses who, like us, are interested in protecting the environment, energy efficiency is a topic that is increasingly discussed (but never implemented).

Before proceeding with the different types of glass, we determine the criteria on which to base your choice for your PVC frames:

The climate in your area: do you need glasses that protect you, especially from heat or cold?

Your aesthetic preferences: do you prefer classic, dark, colored glasses?

The beauty is that there are types, combinations of different systems, that will allow you to find the perfect glasses that will satisfy both practical and aesthetic needs.

But now, let's go to the heart of our guide and see what types of glasses you can have on your PVC windows.

What is the recipe to optimize your home in this regard? Well, as you already know, glass and accessories do much of the work.

If we were to make a cooking comparison, we would say that the PVC window is for energy efficiency like kiminos in souzukakia: necessary!

In fact, the insulating capacity of PVC panels is well known.

We will be more than positive about energy saving if we then apply the best glass to the PVC windows.

And energy efficiency will increase.

Insulating glass with low emission coatings.

This is double insulated glass which can reduce thermal permeability and heat loss by up to 50%.

On one of the two plates of which the structure is made, a layer of metal or metal oxide is applied.

In addition, the presence of gas between the two windows optimizes thermal insulation capacity.

As we said, when choosing the glass you have to take into account the climatic conditions that characterize your area.

In our warm Crete, for example, the most pressing need is to preserve the environment from the summer heat.

In this case, the low-emission coating will be mounted on the outer plate.

Instead, it will be used internally to isolate it from the cold.

Glasses with seemingly selective coatings.

If you want colored glass for your PVC windows, the ones with spectral selective coatings are for you.

They have excellent thermal insulation performance and will be useful in protecting you from heat and cold.

This type is especially suitable for those who love very bright homes. In fact, spectral selective glasses are precisely designed to allow good light transmission.

In addition to saving energy in heating or air conditioning, you will also have an advantage in consuming electricity.

What more could you ask for?

These are the two types of glass that, along with PVC panels, we know are among the best systems to make your home energy efficient.

If you are looking for more information on glass and PVC frames and energy efficiency, feel free to contact us:

If you are faced with the need to choose glasses for PVC windows and feel that you have ended up in a dense jungle of obscure information, this little guide we thought of for you at STYLETECH will be your compass.

Focusing yourself on the subject of glass for windows and doors is, in fact, not at all simple: with all the alternatives offered by the market today, which one will best suit your needs?

We hope our little guide will help you find the right glass for you.